Monday, January 31, 2011


It probably wasn't very clever of me to hint at a surprise for my boys, and then later in the day show them my brand new blog!  They had no idea i was working on something for them and now I will have to put it away and do it at night instead of right in front of them, or they will be suspicious of anything I pull out to sew.  Lesson learned, hopefully.

And now, because this is primarily a sewing blog, i thought i would share quickly just a couple of things i have done.
This was a christening gown I entered into the Royal Melbourne Show a couple of years ago.  It had pintucking down the skirt with beads at each intersection and smocking with beads on the bodice and sleeves.  It turned out so well, which is nice when you have an idea in your head and the finished product outdoes even your wildest dreams.

And just for something different, my very well dressed teddy bear.  I am not sure she looks so happy though?

I hope everyone stays cool today, it is very hot here. We are off to go and jump in the pool of a family member; those are the family that you do keep in contact with LOL!! Hopefully these photos uploaded okay, I guess i will find out shortly.
Stay frosty everyone.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Post no.1

Hi everyone out there. I have been thinking of doing a blog for a little while but the reality of this flashing cursor in this big white box is a daunting prospect now that I am sitting here.
I thought I would, over time, share photos and ideas of what I am doing. No photos today as the main thing I am currently making is for my kids so it is a secret, sshhhhhh!!
So i guess, hello to you.