Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farewell, faithful companion

My eldest son, the 15yo future architect, has been rearranging him bedroom in readiness for the double bed we have promised him. At 5'9" he really deserves to have a bigger bed!  In the midst of the clean up on Sunday he walks up and deposits this in my arms:

Ambulance Bear, his faithful companion. Sigh! 
He was given this as a toddler by an ambulance officer as he was being rushed to hospital with a severe bout of croup. I gave him a heap of Elmo toys as a newborn , and one of these became his constant teddy bear until he was about 2, when he decided he didn't need him anymore. It was only a few months later that he was given this one and took to it immediately.  For quite a few years now he has floated around the bedroom (to be honest, he is usually tucked into bed after I change the sheets; until the master architect gets home and he is piffed onto the floor!).  But not anymore. So Ambulance bear has joined my menagerie of stuffed bears, and will be looked after by me.

I am not sure I like this growing up that is happening in my house!!! It was always inevitable I suppose.   :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

one scarf finished

I managed to finish this last night, i started it over Christmas and have recently put it down to do other things (which are as yet unfinished!!). But as i didn't have much left to do i have been working on this during the past week and am happy to say it is done.

It is a lovely scarf, done in a 2ply baby alpaca (gloriously soft; and no scratching).
 I knitted it in a basic feather and fan pattern , on 4.5mm needles to get the lacy effect.

I am very happy with it and happily have seen that Monday should be a perfect day to wear it in to work, nice and cool and just right for a soft scarf.

This afternoon i have been embroidering some baby singlets for a friend. I promise to show you when  they are done.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heirloom dress mend

i know, it has (again) been ages since i have been here. I blame the whirlwind of kids going back to school (I have to blame someone!!).
I mentiond this dress the other week so thought I would pop in and show you what I was talking about.
A lady brought this dress into the shop where i work and asked it if could be fixed. It was very old, she explained, and she wanted the smocking repaired where the thread had disintegrated.

Now, I feel I must tell you that I hate hate hate doing mending of any sort (ask my hubby!).  I said yes, for the only reason that she was desperate for it to be done and I knew i could do it.  So do it I did.
She wanted as much of the original smocking left, but i told her I could not salvage the bottom row of cream and it wasn't worth saving the next one up, the blue. But she was adamant that she wanted it left. So i found a blue that matched, better than I originally thought and the repair is barely noticeable. 
The back was quite simple, although again, matching the threads was crazy difficult so i did the best i could. I am happy with the result.  But her wish that I leave as much original thread as i can meant that one of the rows on the side back is new thread, and it's matching row on the other side is old thread.  So one is bright and one is dull. 

She was talking about it being used for some new baby in the family. I really hope this doesn't happen; the material is so old it is fraying  under the collar.  What would I do with it? I am not sure but I think I would have left it as is and framed it. 
My last word on this piece is this: she sent her husband to come and pick it up, which he did, and paid me for it, but I never got a phone call from her to say whether she liked it, or God-forbid, thank me for it. I think after all her fuss and bother with various things, I think a thank you was not out of the realm of what is reasonable.  Makes you wonder why you put yourself out for anyone.  I am glad it is done, I am satisfied it was done well, but  I am not happy at being snubbed.

So to better news; a snippet of family news before I go-
my son has just umpired his second basketball weekend competition; a statewide comp with over 130 junior teams playing.  I just want to say how much more confident and capable I see him growing. I am proud of the way he was confident enough to tell more than one coach to be quiet and that they cannot speak to the umpires that way. He wouldn't have done that in Bendigo.  And I see him more confident with his calls of fouls.  He is growing up, and I am so proud of what he is achieving. It is nice to see your kids achieve things in life, and become adults that you are proud of.