Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Show results

I realise that no-one is waiting with baited breath, but I will tell you all anyway...
The local show went very well. And yes i did get the Needlework aggregate again this year (eight years running!!). I have my eye on the knitting aggregate next year but that may be difficult; there are a couple of ladies who put in so many beautiful knitted things, I doubt I could compete with that.

So, these are the cards and ribbons:

You know, really, it is just a bit of fun, and a chance to show the world what we are capable of as we sit at home on our own and craft. And it is great to see what other people are doing. The hall always looks so nice when everything is set out after judging.
My two boys were stewards again this year.  They both worked very hard and did a marvellous job.  Sadly my youngest then spent the next 24 hours with shocking gastro, where he couldn't even keep water down, the poor little kid.  (okay he is 14 but he is still little, and will always be little to me).  He seems to be almost fully recovered now but it was an awful two days. I am assuming (with absolutely no proof I admit) that it is the lunch we had on the Show day. He had fish, the rest of us had chicken.  And while i love living where I do, having the nearest hospital an hour away is not an ideal situation.  I was about to take him in to the Children's when hubby suggested Nurse-on-call who were great and gave us suggestions about his management, all of which seemed to work. Thank goodness for this valuable service.
All's well that ends well.

Speaking of all being well, my eldest had a great two days away lasy week doing driver ed.  And has spent the rest of the week pointing out when I don't indicate for long enough, or hold the steering wheel correctly. Sigh, it is going to be a long two years!!  At least once he actually gets his L plates, I will be able to pay him back (insert evil laugh!!)


  1. Congratulations on all the ribbons for your beautiful work. Sorry to hear that your youngest got gastro, how awful is it. I always worry when my kids get it because then I usually end up with it too. How exciting for your son doing driver's ed. My son had his first driving lesson last night and was very happy about it, and all I kept thinking was that he was okay driving a car!

  2. Thanks Sue.
    My son is doing much better and will be at school tomorrow. He was so very sick, and looked so bad but has perked up now. I have managed to never catch gastro off the kids; lots of hand washing and hand sanitiser gel. There is always a first time.
    Good luck with the driving lessons, I really am not looking forward to it. :-)

  3. Congratulations on the Show. I'm so pleased.

    Sorry about your son's illness - kids go down so quickly and I think that feeling of not knowing what to do for the best is almost the worst bit of being a parent. Pleased to hear the nurse-on-call service worked. I have the fridge magnet for it on my desk, ready to put on the fridge when it emerges from under the builders tarpaulins!

  4. i hate seeing the kids that sick Jillian, and am very thankful for having two healthy happy kids. Nurse on call was great, we have called them a couple of times now.
    Kids are all good now. Both of them have had days off this week.

  5. Congratulations of course from me, and best wishes for your 'aspiring knitting career'...........LOL...... So sorry to hear about the illness and hope that doesn't happen again!!! Very amusing to hear about the driving lessons. Hope he remembers all that when he actually is behind the wheel. Hang in there. Cheers.