Saturday, November 10, 2012

lace knitting

I just recieved a book in the mail that I had ordered from the Book Depository (how I love that shop!!).  It is a lovely book full of beautiful lace shawls.

And after i pored over the beautiful photos for quite a while I got down to business and had a closer look at the actual patterns.  Oh wow; what have I done I wonder???  I have only just started using charts for knitting instead of the written instructions. And while I understand the basics of it, this book seems well beyond me!  Some of the terms i have never heard before. I think it is lucky that I have other things on the go at the minute and so can't be tempted to try one out.  (if in doubt I think my motto is not to try and therefore not fail) LOL!
I do think i will take the plunge and make a shawl out of here, and I do think that once I have done one, i think I will be making many more.  Although I would like to be able to knit as fast as a certain friend of mine (you know who you are) but that is not going to happen.  So it will be slow and steady wins the race. Like a lot of things I think i have to do it to understand it.

We have just gotten back from a quick family holiday to Queensland. We dont go away on holidays very often (if ever) but with a son studying for his VCE it was a good time to have a holiday away without disturbing his studies.  We had a great time, the weather was fantastic.  We did find out however that when stung by a bluebottle (jellyfish), my son tends to blister (ouch!!)

The photo doesn't show the blisters, but this sting goes from his stomach, all the way around to the middle of his back. There was a second stinger above this one on his back that the lifeguards got off for him.  He was very brave, i think I would have been in a blubbering mess on the ground.  One good thing was the cute lifeguard who gave him ice.  Yep, no vinegar (or urine) anymore, just ice.  And time.

we did the usual theme parks, had a great time.  My hubby and my youngest son did all the rollercoasters and rides, and I mean ALL of them.  My other son and I watched!!
Rides like this:
And this...
And waterslides like this:
Makes me feel queasy just looking at them; yuk!  The family did convince me to go on one waterslide, one of the tamer ones, and I hated that (and they are not yet forgiven!!). So I will leave the rides to others. The last day we were there was the best; I sat by the pool and alternated having a swim, and reading, while the other three went off and did the waterslides.  To each their own!!

So now it is back to work and school and all the running around that that involves.  It was good to have time out though. I think we all need to take some time away, and recharge the batteries every so often. 


  1. Ouch ouch ouch for your son and that jellyfish. I hear they are supposed to be very painful. I probably would have passed out if it got me. I can just imagine how bad the blisters were. Nice to see that your family love the rides. I would be sitting there on the sidelines too, although I have been on every ride at Luna Park.

    1. Sue, he says out of ten, the pain was a six. It looked to me like a ten at least, especially with the blisters. i suppose all 15 year old boys like to be macho and stoic!!
      Family did love the rides so they certainly got their money's worth! Sitting around waiting for them turned into a huge exercise in boredom though (hence the book)
      I did one rollercoaster at luna park as a child and spent the whole ride crying and begging somebody, anybody to stop the ride so I could get off!! I am not a rides person evidently!!

  2. Really brave of your son- really sorry for him. It's great to be in a place that allows for different family members to do different things. Recharging is so important.

    I love lace knitting. Following a chart is fine once you get the hang of it. You're right, slow and steady does it.

    1. Jillian, I think I learn better as i do something, not by reading about it, so when I have time to just sit and work it out i will do it slowly, and then ask for help at work when I get stuck!!

  3. That book is on my list Karyn!! I must think of a reason why I actually NEED it.........LOL.... So sorry to hear about the jellyfish sting, and hope all is well by now. I am glad you had a lovely holiday up here in the sunshine State, and perhaps you'll decide to visit again some time. I don't like those ferocious looking rides either, never been on one, too much of a chicken. Take care. Talk soon.

    1. Ooooh Linda,you really NEED this book. I can't think of a good reason except it is fabulous. And, they say it is out of print; good enough reason right there!!!!

  4. Karyn, I read this ages ago and forgot to comment. I know it is sad isn't it. A seniors moment.

    The book looks fabulous but of course not my thing at all.

    The sting looks really horrible. Poor poor boy.