Tuesday, August 23, 2011

looking like Spring

The weather here has been cold and wet but some of the bulbs have decided after a few warm days that Spring must have come.  these are in the garden; I have some planted in a pot that dont even look like flowering; maybe they know something that these ones dont?
I have other bulbs that have come up but they haven't flowered yet either.
On the sewing front, I have finished the First communion dress that i was making. The communion is this Sunday and I an looking forward to it.  I dont have any good photos; they have all come out blurry so far so I will show you this one.  It is not a great one but it will do for now.  I will have the camera all set to go on Sunday and take heaps more.   It took longer than I had thought; I was forgetting that I am working now so not as much free time to sit and sew.
And while it is not as exciting as the dress; this is a quick little tea towel i whipped up to advertise some material we sell in the shop. Ignore the girl who is listing a little to the left; oops. I wasn't taking enough care when i ironed the transfer on. Oh well.
It was quick and easy and seems to be working as we have sold some of the fabric already.
Any other sewing I am doing is also for the shop. I have just made two aprons, no photos!! they are hanging in the shop. And I am in the middle of piecing a quilt together. Someone at some point had embroidered some jungle animals on panels so it is my job this week to make it into a quilt top using a jelly roll. I am making it up as I go along so hopefully it looks okay. I am hoping to have much of it done today.  I am also about to put a dress togehter; no smocking; just a little party dress. this is for the shop too.

Show season is coming up quickly, and all the sewing for the shop will be good as I can enter these things in the shows if I want to.  Now all I need to do is some pretty coat hangers, a cushion or two, some lavender bags.  Not sure where I will find the time though!!

Sorry about the tardiness of my blog; it has been so long since I blogged but I guess life just keeps getting in the way.


  1. Karyn, the dress is so pretty. Well done again!!

    We have a few daffodils out too but they don't stand up too well in the wind.

    The tea towel looks good too - is it linen?

  2. Hi Karyn,

    You are so busy now with all that sewing for the shop. They are so lucky to have found you with all your varied experience and skills. It sounds like the perfect job for you.

    The dress is lovely, enjoy the communion service on Sunday, you can feel proud of your part in turning out one beautifully dressed little girl.


  3. What a gorgeous dress Karyn, congratulations. The 'big' photo shows it so well, smocking and beading just perfect!! So pleased you are able to make some things for the shop. I am sure it gives you a lot of pride walking into work each day with something you made hanging in the window. Of course, no doubt 'the shop' is pleased to have you. Hope the Communion day goes well on Sunday. Thank you too for the lovely cheerful daffodils, my favourite colour of course. That tea towel looks interesting, I'm assuming the fabric is sold especially for this use?? Take care.

  4. Well done Karyn - your sewing is just beautiful. Although you have less time, I'm sure your efforts in the shop are appreciated. Must agree spring is on its way - 2 of my plum trees have flowers - roll on more light after work - cheers Karen

  5. The tea towel material is for tea towels; it is a linen of sorts I guess. Not sue if it is cotton or a blend. it is very nice though. Not sure how well it would dry dishes; i didn't try it out!!
    Thanks for everyone's comments about the dress; it really isn't a good photo - it was just the best of a bad lot.

  6. Hope the communion went well, Karyn. It would be great to see a photo of the event.I like the tea-towel figure - so flowing.