Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As well as the First communion dress that i have been making, over the last two weeks i have been busy with a quilt top for my work.  My boss gave me 10 embroidered panels and asked me to put it together into a quilt, using one of the jelly rolls.  i hadn't used a jelly roll before and must say that I loved it!  i loved the way i could pick up any two pieces and someone else had already done the thinking for me and it always matched perfectly.  I do understand that that is the whole idea but it is fabulous!!  
I didn't have a pattern so made it up as I went with some help from a friend who had done something similar recently.  Thanks Ann.
So without any further ado, here it is:
The colours aren't quite right but it is the best I could do on an overcast day.  This is what one of the blocks looks like up close; the embroidery is so neat.

I would like to give them full credit but have no idea who it was.  So no i guess it will go off to the lady who quilts the quilts for the shop and then it will come back for me to do the binding.  I hope my boss likes it, I think it has turned out quite okay.

As for the first communion; that was on Sunday and it all went off without a hitch.  Photos to follow soon hopefully.
I must remember to take my camera with me next time I go out; the local farmers' canola crops are all flowering beautifully; it is such a happy sight when the sun is out.

That is about all that is happening in this neck of the woods.  I am occupied with work and this week with helping son no 1 choose subjects for year 10 next year; what a big job that is. Luckily he knows what he wants to do when he leaves school, it is a bit hard to expect 14 year olds to have their life mapped out and know what they want to do for the next 40 years.  Oh well, it is easier for us, we just have to find out what subjects he needs to have to get into the university course of his choosing.  Three more years and he will be out of the house and on his own. Where does the time go and does it have to go so fast?


  1. Karyn, the quilt top looks really good. I have seen those jelly rolls and they look like a great idea.

    The time does fly by doesn't it. My grandchildren seem to grow so quickly now three out of four are in their teens.

  2. Karyn, the quilt top looks lovely. I'm sure it will quilt well and be a great project for display. Take a bow!! I'm so pleased the job is going well.

    Hope the subject choices will work out. Sometimes I wonder why some subjects are supposed to be pre-requisites for certain courses, just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It is nice to have them take off on their own, another stage in your life.