Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farewell, faithful companion

My eldest son, the 15yo future architect, has been rearranging him bedroom in readiness for the double bed we have promised him. At 5'9" he really deserves to have a bigger bed!  In the midst of the clean up on Sunday he walks up and deposits this in my arms:

Ambulance Bear, his faithful companion. Sigh! 
He was given this as a toddler by an ambulance officer as he was being rushed to hospital with a severe bout of croup. I gave him a heap of Elmo toys as a newborn , and one of these became his constant teddy bear until he was about 2, when he decided he didn't need him anymore. It was only a few months later that he was given this one and took to it immediately.  For quite a few years now he has floated around the bedroom (to be honest, he is usually tucked into bed after I change the sheets; until the master architect gets home and he is piffed onto the floor!).  But not anymore. So Ambulance bear has joined my menagerie of stuffed bears, and will be looked after by me.

I am not sure I like this growing up that is happening in my house!!! It was always inevitable I suppose.   :-)


  1. Hi Karyn - it's nice that 'ambulance bear' has lasted this long...... Karen

  2. Hi Karyn, it is hard to see your boys become men, but happen it must [actually sometimes I think I'm still waiting........LOL]. Hope the new bed meets with his approval. My goodness, Ambulance Bear is in good condition!! I seem to remember we have 'Pink Bear' somewhere, and 'he' is quite tatty. I'm sure you will take good care of him. Have a good day.

  3. I'm amazed at his condition too!

    Mary Corbett had a recent blogpost called 'Bead Embroidered Sculptures' - about covering old soft toys in beads! I think the intention is to use much more worn (and smaller!) toys than Ambulance Bear!

  4. Karen, Linda, and Jillian,
    he is in quite good condition considering his age. I guess he wasn't dragged around as much as my younger son's teddy. I must confess though that he used to be nice and round with a big belly until I washed him one day and he turned quite flat!LOL!!
    he is in the sewing room now with all the other bears in there.