Saturday, February 18, 2012

one scarf finished

I managed to finish this last night, i started it over Christmas and have recently put it down to do other things (which are as yet unfinished!!). But as i didn't have much left to do i have been working on this during the past week and am happy to say it is done.

It is a lovely scarf, done in a 2ply baby alpaca (gloriously soft; and no scratching).
 I knitted it in a basic feather and fan pattern , on 4.5mm needles to get the lacy effect.

I am very happy with it and happily have seen that Monday should be a perfect day to wear it in to work, nice and cool and just right for a soft scarf.

This afternoon i have been embroidering some baby singlets for a friend. I promise to show you when  they are done.


  1. It is gorgeous. I havent knit with 2 ply yarn before but that looks and sounds delightful! I hope it is cool enough tomorrow for you to be able to wear it.

  2. Sue, it is so warm and soft and snuggly. You will just have to come up and get some for yourself! Being done on bigger needles, it wasn't a terribly long project to do.

  3. I love the scarf Karyn. Pretty pattern and the yarn is a delightful colour. Laurel

  4. Just gorgeous Karyn, and an added bonus that it's at least one you will be able to wear comfortably. I love the colour, and the pattern never goes out of date in my opinion. Well done to you.