Thursday, June 14, 2012


Wow, two finishes in as many days. Gloves are done, I finished them yesterday and wore them to work today. very soft and lovely and warm. Here they are modelled by my eldest; for the barest minimum time possible before they were pulled off!LOL!!

I am really happy with them. I wear them bunched down near my wrists more. They just look colourful and the stripes don't really matter.
I have sat tonight after dinner and made up the two redwork panels into a simple bag. The whole point of doing this was to point people's attention to this fabric in the shop, and I think this will achieve that.  It is a good way of showing people what they can do with these fairly plain panels.
I did not choose the fabric, I would have gone for the darker fabric as the main one (which happens to be the lining).  But other people seem determined to get me out of my "boring" use of colour so I am happy to go along with it (besides when the boss says she likes this; it is what gets done!!!). And you know, I seem to find that  coming out of my comfort zone usually does yield good results, this bag is a good example I think.  i would not have used this check fabric in a million years, and is far removed from all the florals etc that i was looking at.  It has turned out really well and I can't wait to take it into work tomorrow.


  1. Those hand/arm warmers are really out there Karyn, I love them. I hope you can wear them and not feel itchy!! And, I have to say, the bag looks really lovely. The checked fabric is not too dark, and appears to be just right [by my monitor], and of course the plain red piping gives the WOW factor. Checks are good!!! Cheers, stay warm.

  2. Your gloves look great and warm.I like the colour and fabric you used for the bag.

  3. Gloves gorgeous, bag brilliant. Both are really inspiring. If I walked into a shop and saw someone wearing those gloves I'd be back every week to check out what was happening. I'd love to make the bag - might even use an outline drawing I made from a photo to have a go.