Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daygown pattern

I got this in the mail today, it was a recent ebay purchase. I just love old fashioned baby clothes and saw this and couldn't resist.  (the photo is not clear but you will get the idea).
I love that on the pattern it has a lovely scripted writing, so old fashioned. The date on the front of the pattern says copyright 1980.  it feels older to me than that, but then I grew up in the 80s and they still feel like yesterday so I am not going to count how many years ago it really was LOL!!
So i will not cut out this page but will trace it onto some butcher paper.  I am looking forward to having a play with this and have some material that will be perfect.
I have been asked to put some smocked dresses etc into a local art show that is being held as a fund raising exercise. items are for sale and the committee are only asking for a 5% comission which is more than reasonable, so maybe i can whip up one or two of these and put them in along with a bishop or two and a couple of smocked dresses that I already have. I have also cut out a christening gown to enter, we will see how much of my planning will actually happen!

Just before I go i want to share with you the chocolate birthday cake my youngest son made for me last week. He made it from scratch with no help from me, only a quick conference with his brother on one or two things.  It turned out very well and was very yummy!


  1. Happy Birthday to you. What a wonderful son you have to bake you a chocolate cake. I am sure your sewing skills will win you some ribbons in the show as they always look gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Sue; i am not sure there are prizes (i haven't asked too many questions about it really!!). All i know is that my work is putting some quilts in and I was personally asked for some smocking.
    I was knitting another scarf but might put it down to concentrate on some sewing.

  3. Love the pattern, and the cake Karyn. I think I have a pattern that is very similar. Good luck with your smocking, and I'm sure you'll turn out something spectacular. Hope your birthday was fun, and lovely to see you got a special cake. Sorry I've been AWOL, busy/strange week up here.

  4. Hope you really enjoy the smocking. I'm hoping to smock a couple of dresses for the twins' birthday in September - looking forward to it, but there's a lot ahead of them on the list!

    It looks like a really terrific cake. Happy Birthday!