Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In the garden

We are in the middle of a cold cold winter that has been wet and miserable and not much fun, so there is not much to see in the garden except this solitary plant I have.  i love these when they come up every year, they are so pretty.
The good news is that I planted some daffodils earlier in the year as mine seem to have mostly disappeared as garden beds have been moved around.  I can now see my new daffodil bulbs pushing up through the gardens so I wait to see what they will all look like. I am a little excited, i love spring bulbs. 
The kids are on school holidays currently. They have not had much fun, with me working through the holidays and the weather not nice outside.  Today we went to the movies; eldest son went with a group of friends and the younger son and I went to see Brave. Such a sweet movie, and I did have more than one giggle to see the mother in the movie trying in vain to get her teenage daughter to listen to her.  I doubt my son found it funny in the same way I did! i did love listening to the sound of Billy Connoly's voice as the father; such an awesome accent!!
This is what the kids got up to the other day; wrestling on our lounge; naughty boys!
It looks like cuddles; but is actually wrestling. Fun and games on a wintery day!!


  1. Very funny to see the boys wrestling - having only daughters I always find it confronting to see boys "fighting" but they all seem to do it.

    Lovely to look forward to the bulbs popping up - especially in this bleak weather.

  2. Hope your daffodil blooms are not far away, they will be a welcome sight after such a miserable winter. Today is a little more pleasant up here, but I believe we are in for some more drizzle.......ho, hum....... Great shot of the boys. My boys didn't wrestle so much, as there is five years between them - one had rather a weight advantage...........LOL.........

  3. Dianne and Linda,
    wrestling is the common occupation of the two kids in my house! And my eldest is a good foot taller than his brother but they still manage, and when the odds are too badly stacked against the little one, then what a good excuse for me to wade in and join the fun!!

  4. Lovely to see your snowdrops Karyn, and of course your boys being boys. Laurel