Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have to tell you that i just love craft books.  I am sure that I already have more than I will ever need but that doesn't stop me from buying more.
Last week I travelled to Ballarat to visit a friend (an hour and a half away from here). Happily we had arranged to meet outside Spotlight so I managed to give the credit card a little work out, and bought this book:

I saw it and just had to have it.

This book I saw at Ballarat but thought I would exercise some restraint but all weekend I was thinking about what i could do with such little creatures so I went out early this week and bought it (I am sure it was not really worth the effort i went to to get it LOL!!!)....

I have made two of the little creatures out of it, one just to see how it went and one for my 12yo son.  It must be okay as my 14yo declared it to be really "cool".

A visit to Ballarat would not be complete without a trip to Sovereign Needlework.  They have the most gorgeous threads. i bought some Perle 3 that i had been needing and couldn't get anywhere and then bought some overdyed thread. Gorgeous.  I also happened to see this book and couldn't resist. I haven't done redwork but it is on my very long list of things to do before i depart this earth!!

I already have plans of what I want to make from it.  But I will have to restrain myself as i do have other things on my list beforehand.  I have since found out that i could have bought this book half price from a website where i love to get books from but oh well, an impulse buy now and again is good for the soul, if not the wallet!!

I have ordered another book which I expect to get here tomorrow.  it is a knitting book with very cute baby things in it (i hope!!).  Another thing I saw and couldn't resist when I was surfing the 'net the other day.  I dont live terribly close to craft stores so the internet is a wonderful thing.  i am not sure if DH would agree though!

As for things i need to do; I AM FINISHED!!!!!  The 1860s gowns anyway.  Both are done and are ready to be worn on Saturday night.  My friend's dress has turned out really well and I am told mine is pretty too but it is hard to tell when it is on. I do know mine is very heavy and hers is not, but a swap with me is not in her plans sadly LOL!  And it is supposed to be 29 degrees Saturday but it should be cooler in the evening for the dinner.  I promise to show some photos next week sometime.  Hair is the only thing to be sorted now but as my friend is a hairdresser, I am putting myself into her hands.  My job was the dresses and hers is the hair. Most of my hair will be swept back I believe and then ringlets coming down over it.  We will see.  I am really excited. When do we get a chance to dress up and make ourselves into ladies?  Not very often.  I must admit to being a bit of a girly girl so this is right up my alley.
I am really looking forward to it, it has been a rough week in our house with my son's asthma having a slight turn for the worse, but it is all settled now thankfully.  Health has been an issue for me today but that is a whole other post i think. Thankfully there is always craft to soothe our minds.


  1. Oh, so much news, Karyn. It all sounds wonderful. Books, books, books. I am waiting on two books at the moment from Nordic Needle - one on hardanger and one on Romanian needle lace. Have a wonderful time on Saturday night. Looking forward to seeing the photos. Hope the asthma stays away for a while now. Laurel

  2. Laurel, I ordered two books just over a week ago, one for me and one for son no1. His book came yesterday (while he was away on camp and couldn't read it anyway) and I am still waiting on mine :-(
    I expect it isn't far away.
    I saw the marquee go up today for tomorrow night so I am excited.

  3. Oh goodness Karyn, those little creatures look sooo cool.

    I too have been replenishing the book shelves as you can see on my blog.

    Sovereign needlework is really good. Not too cluttered.

  4. Hi Karyn, sorry to be absent, very [make that VERY] hot up here the last few days. Love the books, especially the one on Redwork, and I can't wait to see if you get hooked on it as most do once they start!! I'm on a little book hunt myself at the moment. That site you gave us looks like coming up trumps with a great embroidery book I've been looking at but thought it too's on sale now.....just begging to be popped in the post to me!! Thanks for sharing your great finds. I don't get to craft stores much either and have so many sites bookmarked, it's just not funny anymore!