Monday, February 14, 2011

Still sewing

Well, I am still going with these 1860's dresses.  What a big job. The skirts have taken me all week, with the petticoats as well. So they just need the hems done now.  I was going to machine sew them and cover the seam with the various ribbons and trims that we have both decided on but the seams are quite low to the ground so that plan may change. Although for one night, it really isn't going to matter that the hems weren't hand sewn; who will see it anyway?
And now with two weeks to go (but who is counting) time seems to be ticking very fast so i need to get a wriggle on and get the tops done for both of us. We are using the same pattern for us both but hers will have long sleeves, mine short, hers will have a round neck and mine will come down into a "v".  Mine should be very easy, I have made this for me before, but hers needs to be taken in in one spot and then let out in others, so it will be a challenge to get it to fit nicely.
And alas; no photos of the material; i can't get a nice photo that shows the colour without it looking too purple (yuk!).  Hopefully when it is made up and we are wearing them, we can get a good one.

So in leau of a photo of my week's work, i thought I would introduce you to the family pet. Her name is Maggie and she is our ten year old Border Collie. She is a lovely dog, we got her when our kids were little. She has never once snapped at them, and the kids did try her patience I am sure when they were little.  She has finally learned that she is not to come out past the side gate, so when we were out gardening last week she plonked herself at the open gate and just sat.  Funny girl!! She does bark a bit much for our liking but is the sweetest natured animal.

She didn't want to sit for this photo; she kept crawling up for kisses!!


  1. Good luck with the rest of the sewing Karyn. I think you forget how long it takes to make this type of thing if you don't do it often. I don't think machine sewn hems will matter.

    Just love Maggie, what a gorgeous dog. She looks very much like my 'grand dog Oscar'.......LOL. He knows not to come past the kitchen door, and again, beautiful nature. Border Collies are the most clever of dogs, it's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt!!

  2. Lovely dog Karyn, I look forward to seeing the results of your sewing.

  3. Karyn, I didn't realise your woofy is a border collie too. She looks remarkably like ours! They are a lovely breed. Have fun with your sewing. Laurel