Monday, February 7, 2011

The secret revealed

This is what I have been making for my kids.  He is a knitted toy and is the main character in one of their playstation games, Little Big Planet. His name is Sackboy and you may have seen him around as they have just launched their second game. 

So, a Sackboy each, sitting on their beds.  I am waiting for them to get home from school, in another 45 minutes, to see how long it takes them to notice them.  I think they will like them. My youngest has been asking for weeks if we could find a pattern online to make some, so I didn't tell him that I had found one.  I think they would be great with jointed arms and legs.  The head is big and heavy and has a stick inside it to keep it up so no joint for that. Down the track, when I have nothing else to do, I may make one for me and put jointed arms and legs into that one.
I have ordered some Sackboy keyrings online and am waiting for those to turn up but don't expect them for another week or so.

Now that these are finally done I am off to sew some period dresses for a dinner in three weeks celebrating our town's 150th birthday.  It should be a lot of fun, but I only found out today that not many people have decided to dress up for it.  I am hoping not to stand out like the only person in fancy dress at a birthday party.  I do know of some others who are dressing the part but not too many.  Maybe the long skirts and petticoats will keep the mozzies away from our legs as it is an outside dinner.  It will be fun to do something so different. 
Little Big Planet is such a fun game and great for all ages.  I like playing it as is but the kids like making their own levels (too much work for me, I would rather play what someone else has spent hours making up!!!)


  1. Karyn, your Sack Boys look fabulous. I hope your boys love them.

    I hope you will show pics of your "fancy dress".

  2. Hi Karyn, love the Sackboys. They are really so cool. You are good to make these for the boys, really you are. Hope the fancy dress outfit goes well, and the heat isn't turning it on the night of the 'do'. Happy Birthday to your town!!! I hope you will show us your outfit at some stage. Good luck with the sewing.

  3. Hi Dianne and Linda,
    Theboys did like their sackboys so I was pleased about that. Of course the eldest son just has his floating around the bedroom, son no.2 has it on his bed. I did get a "That's cool" from son no.1!!

    I might share photos of the fancy dress if you are lucky. I am looking forward to it, but yes Linda, if it is hot, i will be very sticky in a heavy satin gown!