Sunday, September 4, 2011

first communion photos

Finally, some photos. Last Sunday the weather was quite perfect; not cold enough to really need a jacket and not too warm either. A perfect day for the kids to do their first comunion. The small church was packed tot he rafters; an apology to the usual parishoners who had the hordes descending for the day.
Anyway, here are a couple of photos.

So what now? I have been knitting some bootees for the shop; but shhh, it is a surprise for my boss when she gets back this weekend form her overseas holiday. But it is also the start of Show season and I have so many things i want to do before my home show in four weeks time.  Today I might be able to finish two covered coat hangers.  I have smocking ready to go and some children's garments ready, sot hat is good. Now I just want to do some bits and pieces to add tot he collection. Soon my son and I will have to wrok out which photos we want to enter; I love entering photography.  i have mixed success but there are some wonderful photos out there.

Speaking of my son, we had an information night at his school to sort out subjects for next year, and for the two years after that. I was sceptical before we went but am so glad we did go. We have a clear idea of the rest of his high school, although he can change things around if he changes his mind.  We were told if he keeps his grades up he may be eligable for a scholarship for his chosen university so that was all good news. It feels good to have a plan in front of us and now the whole VCE doesn't seem like such a foreign idea (it was the HSC when I did it).

Work is good, was busy yesterday so that is good; when it is slow the day tends to drag, and your feet hurt more.  I am back to three days a week now, instead of the four that I have been doing while my boss was away.
So for now, life goes on as usual. 


  1. Karyn, the dress looks so lovely and sweet - so appropriate for the first communion. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    I hope you manage to finish the things you need for the shop and the shows. You are very productive and creative.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog.

  2. Hi Karyn - love the dress - you are so clever with the smocking. They always say if you want something done - ask a busy person. Hope you get everything done in time for your show - look forward to hearing the results. Karen

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful frock Karyn, not to mention the lovely little model. She looks very pleased with herself. Nice to hear the school night went well, and good luck to your son for his chosen subjects. It's always such a big decision, despite how very young they are. You are having a wonderful time making things for the shop. I'm sure you are very much appreciated there!! Good luck with the entries for the upcoming shows. You always have success.

  4. How lovely your little friend looked on her special day, wearing a very special dress created just for her. It's just beautiful Karyn, you can be proud of it.

    Work seems busy for you, do your fingers ever stop??


  5. Anne: my fingers are very often busy but some weeks there seems to be very little to show for it! maybe if I finished more things instead of starting new ones??