Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New toys!!!!!!

Who doesn't love getting something new?  I bought this set of circular knitting needles last week. They are an Addi circular lace set, with eight pairs of needles and three different length cords.  Equivalent to 24 pairs of needles. 
I do like the Addi circulars. I have a couple of their standard circular needles and i love the way the wool slides across the needles with no fuss.  I can't wait to use these. But I do have a couple of things on the go so I will have to wait I think.  until then I will just look at them and plan....

(nice aren't they?)


  1. Ooh pretty. I have never used the Addi turbos but there are so many different needles out there now I guess you just try and see if you like them. I gather your going to do quite a bit of lace knitting then!

  2. Sue, i do have some lace knitting planned but I am planning on using these to knit EVERYTHING!!! The Addi needles are so lovely to use. And as artisans, dont we deserve to use nice tools? (that is my justification anyway!) Although hubby was a bit surprised when he thought I was paying that much money for a PAIR of knitting needles; he was so confused, poor thing!