Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So adorable

We got some new patterns in the shop on Monday afternoon of some vintage type aprons, so after my boss chose some suitably appropriate vintage type material, I whipped this up yesterday.
I love it, it is so cute.  And without the ric-rac it would be perfct for a boy as well. We have some great Cat-In-The-Hat laminated fabric at work so i think I might have to make some out of that too. 

The pattern come from this:

The pattern asks for snaps on the sides, but I used ribbon instead (it was much cuter with ribbon than snaps).  And instead of using binding or ric-rac, I chose to use both.  I think I prefer the binding on the armhole edge, and it covered the ends of the ric-rac nicely.

I also sat and sewed an apron for me, well for me to enter into the show. I have done pretty embroidered ones in the past and i do use them (and get them very grubby) but this one has pretty lace on it, and I am not sure if I can bear to make it dirty.  It just needs ribbon for the neck and it is done but I will wait until it is finished to post a photo.


  1. Karyn, that is gorgeous. I "need" that pattern please.

    They would be so cute on the twins.

    Did you use laminated fabric, it is a little hard to see?

  2. Hi Dianne. The fabric is just quilting cotton, not laminated fabric. I think it wouldn't stop too much in the way of wet messes but you could line it if you wished.

  3. Oh Karyn, this little apron is SO cute, and I love that ric-rac!! What a great pattern. So good for all those budding junior master chefs. Can't wait to see the latest one. You are always so good to continue with your support of local shows. Sorry I've been so slow lately.

  4. Great shape, Karyn. I like the idea of the Cat in the Hat fabric