Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have to say I love, love, love the Ravelry website.  it is such a fantastic resource for knitters to find patterns, ask advice, anything really.  I have spent countless hours just cruising through the patterns on this site. A friend told me it was wasted time if I was looking but not 'doing'.  i heartily disagree.  I have had such wonderful times looking, dreaming and even planning projects.
this is the latest that I have made from this site. it is a free pattern, in a newborn size, but she does have a pattern you can but with bigger sizes and a choice of four or eight ply. (This one is done in eight.)  I am planning on buying her expanded pattern when I get a chance to sit and have a look.

Anyway, here it is:
It is knitted from the neck down, all in one.  it was quite easy and is so sweet. I can just see a newborn in this.  The pattern has tapered sleeves or straight; I chose the straight sleeves but am wondering if next time maybe i will do the tapered ones.  These look a little like they might flare outward but they don't.
The sleeves are done on double pointed needles after the body of the cardigan is done.  I love the knitted in one piece idea. No seams to sew up, but also no seams to make it bulky.

I have nobody to give this to but I am having fun knitting baby things and they can all go away for when my grandchildren start coming along (not yet though!!!).


  1. I take it is the puerperium cardigan which is just adorable. I think I purchased the larger sizes too. Yours looks wonderful in that colorway. Ravelry is never wasted time in my mind, just future planning and chatting!

  2. Hi Sue. You are right about the pattern, it is the puerperium cardigan (I was being lazy yesterday and didn't want to go and look up how to spell it!!). It is a sweet pattern and did come out well in this variegated wool. I really want to have a go at the four ply version as I think 8ply on a newborn can be a little thick; just my opinion.

  3. Hello Karyn, and have to say too how besotted I am with Ravelry. I have learnt so much since joining the site. I just love this little top, and had not seen it. I will go and look for it, and buy the expanded version, as I'd like to see it done in 4ply too. Your version is so sweet. You always pick such yummy colours. Talk shop later in the week. Cheers.

  4. I am happy with htis jumper linda but I do think the 8ply is just a little bulky for a newborn (although not around here I guess where it gets quite cold in winter). I am halfway through a four ply one now and it is very sweet. As for the yummy colours; isn't this blue/purple combination so nice? And surrounded by nice wools as i am, i am spoilt for choice really!