Sunday, September 11, 2011

A bit of fun

I am not sure if I told you but at work we have a wonderful range of Dr Seuss fabrics.  I had to cut a fat 1/4 from each of them, leaving us with a spare fat 1/4, so what else is a girl to do - i snapped them up as quick as quick!!  Once these things go, they aren't generally reprinted, so I just had to!!  My kids are a bit bemused and can't understand why I would indulge in Dr Seuss.  they are, of course, too old for it. Or so they think!  I already know what i want to do with it and am very eager to start but it is show season and I have other fish to fry currently.
Isn't it great??  Much of it is A Cat In the Hat, but it is so bright and cheery and takes me back to when the kids were young.    i am going to cut it into 5 1/2 or 6 inch squares, sash them in red, with a little square of the print at each corner (make sense?).  I will be good and wait until some other things are done first.

And now, speaking of show season; I entered the first one of the year (well the first of the ones i usually enter) yesterday. Our local CWA opens up their spring show to non members as a fundraising exercise, one which I am happy to support. it isn't a huge show but it is fun and I have friends who enter in different catagories. So here is a little photo of how my entries went. besides these I had two smocked dresses and the christening gown, eight entries in all.  The smocking won first and second but that is nothing to brag about when you are only competing with yourself!!
And while I only enter this one just for fun, I am pleased my little beanie won a first; it was my second attempt at cable knitting. It is a wonderful pattern from an old little knitting book that I have.  The seam runs along the edge of one of the cables so when it is sewn up, it becomes invisible.
I only had one entry that won nothing, a knitted scarf. it was up against a dozen others so that is fine by me.


  1. Congratulations on your success at the first show, just the first of many achievements I'm sure.

    A lovely variety of items, shows how creative you are. Anne

  2. LOVE the fabrics Karyn, and I do understand how you are planning to use them. Sounds all good.

    Great news on the prize success, but to be expected of course, with your work. I do love that little beanie, what a cool idea. I am so pleased you are having fun with knitting. Thanks so much for sharing your spoils with us. Always interested.

  3. Karyn. I love the doctor Seuss books and yes they take me back even further than they take you. The fabrics look so cheery - I am sure that whatever you create will be lovely.

    Congratulations on your prizes - such a sweet little beanie. Well done (again)

  4. Hi Karyn - well done on the show results. Ilove the fabrics - I still have our Dr Seuss books too. I'm looking forward to seeing your creation from the fabric. Cheers Karen