Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Broken promises (a sneak peek)

okay, i did promise myself i would NOT start anything to do with my Dr Seuss material until I had other things done. Well, of course that promise was not kept, and this morning I have been playing away with it. It is not quite half done, but all the pieces are cut out and waiting so it wont take too long to finish, although not today: i actually have housework to do   ;-( .  It was lucky that I did start playing with this or else the washing I put in the machine this morning would have already been hung out on the line, and it is raining.  So it is a good thing!!LOL!!
The corners aren't all exactly straight which is annoying me, as each join has been pinned, but I think I have finally nailed the method of pinning that works the best.  The more the merrier is my new motto. So hopefully each new strip will go on just a bit better.

Other news in our house is that DH is out at this minute buying a ride on mower.  We have been here for fourteen years and a ride-on was always on the list of things to get and I am surprised it has taken this long, but then again, they are expensive items.  So now the 3/4 acre yard will be done in a twinkling and not the whole day that it currently takes.   So DH gets his new mower and I get the trailer for it; after talking to friends, it seems to be the thing that you dont need often but when you do; priceless. 


  1. Hi Karyn - love the Dr Seuss it looks stunning (but I love red). You'll have to score some time on the ride on - they're so much fun....Cheers Karen

  2. Karen, I am not really a red person but this quilt is going to be for me and it is such a fun quilt I think. Fussy cutting quite a few of the squares was a pain in the behind!!
    I think the ride on experience is going to have to wait until the novelty has worn off for the kids :-(

  3. Quilt looks lovely Karyn, but then I do like red. It's nice to see someone making a quilt just themselves!! Hope the ride-on mower will be a success. We don't have one, and boy did I feel it yesterday [first mowing for a while].

  4. A ride on mower - now that is something we don't need but I was excited to buy a shovel this week.

    Your quilt will be so cheerful - the rain has finished here and sun is shining.