Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Show success, and a disaster

Well the show went well last weekend.  My two boys helped out with being stewards this year in the art and craft pavillion. My eldest boy had a section all to himself (a huuuuge section) of kids art and craft. My youngest helped me with the knitting, crochet and needlework (also a large section).  I wasn't sure that we were going to get it all done but as usual, it all comes together and we were done earlier than I thought.  It helped greatly that we both had someone writing out our certificates for us; a job that takes longer than you would think.  I am proud of both boys and of what they managed to achieve.
I did well, and won the needlework aggregate; which is my seventh one. I have to say though, to anyone out there; needlework entries are slowly dwindling. To all of those ladies (and men) who do these crafts but think they are not good enough to go into shows; think again and have some faith.  Without entries, our shows will wither and die.  And it would be such a shame to lose this valuable community event.
My eldest son did well too; he won two rosettes for Best in Section; they give one out to each section to the item that they think is the best overall.  So he got two which he was very happy with.  One for photography and one for woodwork. I told him the photography one should go to me as I was the one who liked this photo and printed it off and made him enter it!!  I am just happy for him.
So, the rosettes look like this:
And my ribbon looks like this:
Very nice things to bring home!

And now to the disaster:
I have had a few people this week turn their noses up when blue washout pens are mentioned. Can I just say that I use them often and have never had an issue with them. I have even ironed over them and still find they washout.  So, i used two of my pens on my quilt to rule straight lines for the quilting. I started doing the quilting without and noticed a few of my lines were not straight.  So i used the pens and did the quilting and then washed the quilt, only to find that the blue pen has bled into the fabric and turned a nasty shade of black. I am devastated. This has never happened before, and as they were not new pens they both had been used here before. But here is the weird thing; it has only bled into all the red. Nothing on the yellow or bue and even the white has no marks whatsoever. I would assume it was the material, the red I used to shash it all together with, only it has also bled into the red Dr Seuss fabric.  Bizarre.  So now I am going to try a couple of home remedies to see if i can shift them.  Any ideas out there?  Yoghurt will be my first port of call today I think.  I was told the other day that it makes a great stain remover so will see how it goes.

So we have had highs and lows in our house this week!  One good thing is that now the show has finished, and the next show I will enter I already have everything, now I can relax and do some sewing, and knitting, that I want to do just for fun.  I have been knitting bootees this past week which has been fun.  And there is a scarf at work that I would love to knit, so with my prizemoney from the show, I will get the wool I need for that.  i think I have promised you all photos of the bootees; hopefully I might get some tomorrow for you.


  1. Good to see you back here Karyn. Congratulations to you and your sons on the success at the show.

    I don't use the blue pens often but have never had a problem. Must be some kind of chemical thing.

    I use the fading purple pens or just a pencil but I understand why you would use it on long lines.

    No suggestions from me regarding the stain but I am sure someone will be able to help.

  2. Hi Karyn - well done to everyone on your show results. Couldn't agree more about people entering as it's nice to see what other people do, whether it's quilting, knitting, embroidery whatever. As for the blue pen - i've never ever had any problems either & I've used it on red fabric. You could try Bi-carb on a small patch as a paste or lemon - I've never tried either on pen stains, but if the yoghurt fails..I hope you manage to get the stain out.
    Cheers Karen

  3. Oh! dear, so sorry about the blue pen stains. I hope some remedy comes to hand, it's heatbreaking to have your work spoiled.I haven't used them for a long time, prefer a lead pencil, but it seems some of your customers have had a problem too?

    Congratulations on your show success, you well deserve it, put in a lot of effort to support the entries. Well done too to the boys.


  4. We've had good luck with Fels-Naptha soap. It's gotten out anything I've ever used it on, though I haven't tried it on blue ink. It's $1 a bar at Publix. Your outfits are gorgeous. Congratulations on your ribbons!

  5. Congratulations Karyn, to you and the boys, not only for the prizes, but the the continuing effort at your local Show. I too notice the sections dwindling/disappearing each year, so sad. Love the rosettes, and it is lovely to see your little smocked dress with it's competition.

    I am so sorry to hear about the blue pen running. Hope the yohgurt works. Have you thought about 'RunAway'. I've used it when bright pink ran into cream, worked a treat. I think I had ironed the garment first before I noticed the colour runs, but they did come out with the 'RunAway'. You can buy it from most Pharmacies or even grocery stores. Good luck, will be interested to hear the outcome.