Monday, October 3, 2011

A quick update

No, I promise I have not forgotten everyone.  As i am sure everyone out there can understand, life is just busy.

So, to the news...
There really isn't much. the ride on mower is going wonderfully well. I really dont know why we didn't do it years ago (exept for the fact that they are expensive little items).  The lawns used to take DH much of the day but now, oh my, it  takes no time at all.  Wonderful.  We even got my younger son to do some gardening with a ride on the mower as a nice little carrot to dangle!!  DH is frustrated though; he is itching to get out into the yard and mow it again but with all the rain we have had this past week, the ground is much too wet.

As for sewing stuff: the Dr Seuss quilt is almost finished. I have a little bit of quilting to go and then the binding and then it is done.
This is what the top looks like (on a windy day)
I am very happy with it; even if it is not what I would normally choose.  The only problem I am having is with the quilting; it is so difficult to do the quilting with a normal domestic sewing machine; the arm is just not long enough. So i have battled away but am not happy with it. If I had rushed it then I would think it was the right result but I have been so careful and still my lines are not straight and perfect enough.  I am hoping that when it is finished everyone will be looking at the pictures and not the quilting!  I am looking forward to using it (and keeping it away from the kids; who couldn't understand the attraction when I brought the material home but now it is almost done seem to be eyeing it off quite a bit. it seems they are not too old for Dr Seuss after all LOL!!!)

I also have this to share; yet another book from the Book Depository.  As usual I had only seen the cover but took the punt and am so glad I did. I bought it a month ago when it hadn't been released and was a preorder.  It has such cute things in it to do.
It came on Friday and I have already made a pair of bootees over the weekend; no photos as they are now hanging up in the shop.  these are what I made though, only I did  a nice white edge around the top; set them off really well IMHO.  I promise to take a photo of the next pair. this is what they look like in the book:
They have used such cute babies (although I have come to the conclusion that they always do in knitting patterns!).  Check out this little gem; don't you just want to eat her up??
Cute as a button!!!

So now I will be spending the next two days finishing off a couple of things for the local show which is on Saturday, but the kids and I will be working there from Thursday onwards. I am hoping to get the quilt finished; I wasn't planning on having it in the show (and with the shocking quilting, maybe I shouldn't!!)  but it is all but done so I will put it in.  And i just have a little lavender bag and a coat hanger to finish, both of which will not take long.
Hopefully the kids have fun; they have been looking forward to being a steward so we will see how that goes.
Have a good week, and i promise not to take so long to come back again  :-)

P.S. Why do i always see spelling mistakes once I have published my blog posts and when i go in to edit them, I can't find them anymore??  You will have to put up with I guess!!

P.P.S. found it!!  Although there may well be more!!


  1. Hi Karyn, nice to see you back again. Love the quilt, and understand fully how difficult it is doing the quilting on a domestic sewing machine. Try to relax with it, and as you say, take your time.

    Love that book, such cute things. That little baby is delightful. It's so gratifying to knit little things!!

    Good luck with the Show, and hope the lads enjoy their stewarding work, and will continue to help in the future. We all need new recruits, so I commend you for encouraging the lads to help.

  2. Hi Karyn - Hope you get a chance on the ride on mower - they're such great fun. Love the Dr Seuss quilt and good luck with your shows - always great to see what others are doing too. Cheers Karen