Friday, October 21, 2011

bootees; at last!!

Okay, I did promise photos of the bootees i have been knitting so here goes:
These are all out of this book:
that I showed you last week, or possibly the week before.  i really want to have a go at the bootees shown here on the cover but haven't got any red 4ply wool in a nice dark shade, so i will wait until i do before having a go.  So these are what I have done:

Arent they so cute?  There is an error in the pattern for the white ones. I noticed, to my very great frustration, that the pattern wouldn't work past row two and after emailing the author, who is very lovely, i recieved a wonderful reply with the error in it. A simple one but necessary to get it right.  She has since emailed me with another error in it; what a shame as this book is just so sweet and lovely; it is a shame that somewhere in the printing process errors have been made.  Nonetheless, I will be pushing on and making more out of this book.  I have some exciting news about Val's next book but you will have to wait for that... (more to come later)

So what next? Well i still have too many things on the go; I did not fulfill the promise that i made to myself at the start of the year to get some finished. And with Christmas coming up I have things to do; some presents for friends, I am also making two quilts for the shop; more on those later (one of them is a secret for someone I know, so shhhhh!. I have achieved many things though this year so am pleased about that.  I tried to take a photo of the Dr Seuss quilt yesterday but it was windy and the camera batteries were flat (it was not to be) so hopefully over the weekend I can try again.  the dark marks have not come out properly but are fading a little each time I wash it.  I am not sure that they will ever go away but all the remedies i tried failed, so I am stuck with it as it is.  They aren't as bad so that is all good.


  1. The booties are absolutely beautiful Karyn, and I think that book might have to find a way to my house!! I can't wait to see your little strawberry ones when you get the chance to make them.

    Don't beat yourself up because you couldn't finish every project. I am in the same boat, but have long since realized to take things little by little. It will happen. Life gets in the way.

    Sorry the marks in your lovely Dr Seuss quilt are still there to torment you.

  2. Wow, Karyn, those booties are so sweet. I love the pink and white ones because they are fairly traditional in style but I also like the more modern looking ones which would be great for boys.

  3. The booties are fabulous. I love the bluey-green ones and the white and pink ones are so pretty. I haven't knitted booties for years but always love the way they take shape - so satisfying. I can't help smiling just looking at them.

  4. Hi Karyn - love the bootees - the pink ones are gorgeous - the flower sets them off perfectly. Looking forward to seeing mroe when you get them done. Sorry the marks haven't come out - very disappointing for you. cheers Karen

  5. I like the pink and white ones too. The red ones on the cover of the book are very decorative, will look lovely when made up.

    Too many projects on the go?? .....most of us probably, but when inspiration strikes, the creative in us just takes over.