Tuesday, October 18, 2011

some knitting

I have been knitting away like a madwoman lately (still no bootees to show you; I keep forgetting to take my camera to work where they are now hanging).  But I have been knitting scarves, as the weather turns beautifully warm, with no need fro scarves LOL!!
This scarf i have finished this morning, it is very similar wool/yarn to the white scarf I showed you all ages ago. This one has been on the go for ages in the shop, I have been using it to show people how easy these things are to make.  But, we need a display one as we have sold all the ones we had made up so I brought this home yesterday to complete.  i do like this one; the colours are so soft and pretty.  I guess it will be off to do one of the brighter ones now.
For myself, I recently knitted a scarf with some beautiful Japanese wool (Noro) from work.  Now i must tell you all that I have never been able to wear wool and growing up I had some beautiful hand knitted jumpers made out of cotton.  But I do love nice wool and couldn't resist so bought this Noro.  Made a lovely little scarf and presto; can't wear it!!!!  Some days I can and some days I can't depends on many things I think.
It is called a tippet and the idea is that it is short and crosses over just in front of your neck; perfect for me as all my shirts seem to be a little lower in the neck and I get chilly.  But it means that this is often sitting on bare skin; and it itches!!!!  So, while this expensive scarf sits idly by, I have started knitting another one over the weekend, this one made out of a nylon/acrylic blend and is oh so soft!! i decided to put cables down it which I think look really nice. Where the one cable stops and the two starts will be hidden where the scarf crosses over and loops through itself.  I can't wait to have it finished, i am nearly on the home straight now. I am just deciding on how long I want it as the pattern calls for one that is very tight around the neck and the purple Noro one I made I did longer.  Now I want this one to be somewhere between the two.
I have become quite addicted to wooden needles and after buying a couple of pairs of bamboo ones that we have in the shop, now i have been buying these ones that are made out of Birch wood. They are lovely to use, they feel so soft, not sure why. So slowly I am replacing my needles with these. I know that they do not have the longevity of metal or even plastic but they are so nice to use, they are worth it I think. And if we enjoy using our tools, we are sure of using them more often don't you think?

before i go, just a quick word on our ride on mower:
Who knew these things were so much fun?????  Honestly, we should have bought one years ago; not even for the fact that they have cut our mowing time down from literally an all day job to an hour or so, but because they are so much fun! I finally got to do our lawns on the weekend and had a blast; doesn't stop the hayfever though: I still got that!  Doing donuts around the clothesline was so much fun I kept doing them (with washing on the line). How often do we get to be kids?? So once in a while I am happy to indulge!!


  1. Karyn, I don't think our tiny lawn would require a ride on mower although I am sure Mike would love one. I am so glad you are enjoying it though.

    Your knitting is gorgeous. I love the wool scarf you cannot wear: have you considered lining it with silk hand dyed to match. It would mean you could wear it then and it would look lovely too.

  2. I love all the scarves Karyn, especially that frilly one - it's just so cool. I really need to talk to you about it, ie pattern/yarn. So sorry your lovely scarf annoys you, but hopefully the lovely cabled pink one will be better.

    The mower sounds like a real winner, wish I had one after days of mowing section by section here!! Our old self-propelled is 25 years old, nearly time for a replacement.

  3. Hi Karyn,
    Just started one of those frilly scarves my daughter wanted for her Norwegian friend, it took me a while to understand just how to do it, (had to look at U tube). However once I got going I could have gone on to the end, but it was not mine!! My daughter finished it off sucessfully.

    I too love the birchwood needles, and I am hoping to add to them.

    I think we'd all love a go on your ride on mower, you could have mowing parties and never have to do it again yourselves. LOL.

  4. I love the scarves - especially the tippett. It's a shame it doesn't work for you. I really like the shaped ends and the colour. The others are really pretty too and look so evenly knitted.