Saturday, March 26, 2011

blog award

I have been fortunate this week to have been nominated for this blog award by two fellow bloggers, Linda and Karen. 
So now it is my turn to pass it along.
In no particular order, these are seven blogs that  I like to follow and read regularly.

Jenny at Elefantz
Linda at Billabongs2bling
Karen at ozstitcher
Jeannie at the Old fashioned baby room
Dianne at Beach textiles
Shirley at Shirley's twisted threads
and last but not least,
Dandelion Avenue

Thanks again Linda and Karen. It was fun thinking of other blogs to put here; I like looking at all sorts of blogs and can spend so much time sitting here and enjoying everything that the very clever people put up on the internet.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karyn, glad you posted your award, and thank you for mentioning mine. I love blogs too, and find peoples' sidebars a great way to explore blogs I never would have come across. The world is getting smaller, but more interesting!! I love the fresh clean colour your blog background displays, and find it a pleasant place to visit for that reason, but mostly because I love the see what you are creating.