Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Christening

Well, unusually for me, I neglected to take a photo of the romper I made for the christening we attended on Sunday.  Probably for the best; i had trouble with getting the crotch to sit right so I was not happy with it anyway.  I nearly did not give it to the mother but i managed to get it to sit better than it had been.  The problem I had was that the smocked panel was a fraction too wide which put the rest of the front piece out of whack.  And made it longer than the lining.  I unpicked the crotch three times before i was even passably happy with it. I hope that when it is on the baby, it sits better.  With more time up my sleeve I could have fixed it a number of different ways, but that was taken out of my hands with no notice given.
So no photos anyway.
What i do have to share with you is this:
It is a gorgeous Hardanger cloth that was sitting just inside the door of the church on Sunday, on a little table.  Sadly it looks to be stained; or maybe it is just in need of a wash, I am not sure.  It would have taken me ages to have done all of the wrapped threads.  A labour of love I am sure, by whatever lady made it.  My husband thought I was a bit loopy I think, taking a photo of a little table!  My son was more intrigued with the little bell sitting in the middle; it had  what looked like a dice in the top of it, it rotated and had religious symbols on it.
The other thing that has happened this week is the emergence of a wooden deck along the side of our house.  it was a plan we had when we extended our house a year ago so it is good to see it finally come to pass.  Hopefully the decking boards will go down on Wednesday and then it will be done, save for the roof we are putting on it, which will be done in a month or so.  I have photos but will show you later in the week when the boards go down.  And then, after 13 years, our little house will finally be finished; for now anyway!  Until the next grand plan LOL!!


  1. Glad to hear your deck is coming along too. We had a big rush on before Easter, so one side of our house is done in decking - just the other to go lol. You amaze me with all your smocking - I'm sure it looked brilliant.

  2. Sorry to hear the sewing gave you some bother, but you know we would have loved to see it!!! That tablecloth is so pretty, no wonder you wanted a photo of it. I would have done the same thing, and probably received a similar response. Can't wait to see the deck. We Australians love our outdoors!!