Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend stitching, and other stuff

I thought i would show you what I played with over the weekend.  Firstly are these two burp cloths that i managed to throw together. They were quick and very easy and have turned out much better than my expectation.  They go to the top of my list for easy and yet lovely (and practical) presents for babies.
Then I played around with a new pattern I found last week. They are baby shoes; very appropriate as i have numerous baby gifts to make.  The only problem I found with these are the size. these are supposed to be birth to 3 months but when I measured them against my babies' footprints when they were both a month old; they would only have just fitted into them.  So i will have to rethink the size i would make.  Other than that, they were easy and quick to make also.  And soooo cute LOL!!!

The other thing Id id was finish the four Wee care dresses.  They were done on Sunday.  Then yesterday I was invited over to see the neighbour's new baby, found out she was five weeks premmie, so the four dresses have been given to her.  I know they will be well loved. She is so cute, but oh so tiny.  A very much wanted and well loved baby she is.

As for the rest of these; we had a function last night just out of town to thank the kids who did such a good job at the 1860s dinner last week.  My eldest son who has gotten very interested in drawing took my camera (It goes with me most everywhere) and took photos of the place we were at. i have driven past this place so many times but had never been in. It is set amongst dense bush and is just beautiful. So i will leave you to enjoy for yourself.  I must say though, i just fell in love with this first guy; he was so cute sitting on a log overlooking a wonderful lake they have.
Son no1 took this one, it looks through to the fountain you can see in the photo above; very artistic!!

Function centre...

My son took this one as well, I am not sure why I am drawn to it, the starkness of the tree branches maybe??
On the way home, the sun was going down. I am often driving at this time of night but never have my camera so the kids had to bear with me with I made a couple of u-turns to see if I could get different photos.  This one isn't great, but I couldn't get into a position to get the shot I wanted and still have the car in a safe spot on the side of the road.
This last one was taken by my son, but as i saw the shot out of my rear vision mirror and then turned the car around so I could get it, until he took the camera off me; I claim half the ownership of it LOL!!! (Doesn't matter now but might when Show season comes up and we have to decide whose photo it really is LOL!!!)


  1. Karyn, those photos ate gorgeous. I love looking through to the fountain and also the last sunset shot. gorgeous.

    Well done in finishing off some of your projects.

  2. Lovely little stitching projects Karyn. I am sure the baby's mum will be thrilled to have some of your handmade garments. You are very kind. I love the photographs, especially the sunsets, you know me and the sun!! The last one is wonderful, but I do like the big orange light in the other one..........

  3. Wonderful sunsets and I love the burp cloths (I'm a big winnie the pooh fan) and shoes - such great baby gifts.
    Such lovely projects, well done