Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happenings of a Long weekend

Hi all,
it was a long weekend here; Labour Day holiday yesterday.  We used the opportunity of a three day weekend with good weather to take our boat out for a spin.
The kids and i have rarely had a chance to use it as last summer saw no water anywhere. Hubby has a twice yearly family fishing trip out on the bay (no women allowed!!!) so he has been out on it but it has been a long wait for the boys and I.  So we took it to Wodonga where we have family, and took it out on lake Hume.  In the morning the three of us went fishing. Caught nothing but sunburn; I did anyway.  Having very fair skin I am very meticulous about sunscreen, but it was overcast and while I keep sunscreen on the boat, we didn't use it.
In the afternoon when the sun came out we all slathered it on but I am told i was already red by then.  Oh well, it was only mild and most of the redness has already gone today.  I must just remember not to scratch my arms if they get itchy though - owwwww!.
In the afternoon we got the "donut" out and the kids and my brother in law had a go on that.
And now for a bit of perspective: last year, about this time, we had my brother-in-law's little quad bike out in the dry lake bed so the kids could have a play.  We were a good way out but now with the lake at 100% it is a different story.
This was last year; you can see the boat ramp behind my son;

Now, this was taken from the other side of the boat ramp but you can just see it; only the top sticks out of the water, in the previous photo all of it plus more dirt roads that people have made can be seen.

There is about 80 feet of water right here.
Nature amazes me; it is awesome that this can turn around so dramatically in twelve months.

The other thing I managed to do this weekend was some knitting.  I found this pattern here and decided for no real reason to have a go at it.  it is almost done now, I need to get some cable needles to finish it off as i can't keep decreasing in the round with the circular needle.
I thought the owls were very cute.  The only problem i have had with it is this: the colour of the wool seems to change halfway through the ball.  My son's Sackboy (remember him?) was done with this wool, and he

has a different coloured head and while it took me a while to realise it, once I did i was annoyed and frustrated as I had only used the one ball (and the three balls that I bought were from the same dyelot anyway).  Knitting this hat over the weekend, i realised the colour had changed, just about the level of the owls' heads.  It isn't too obvious, but where it does get obvious is halfway up where i had to use a new ball. I pulled it apart thinking that like the other two it would change colour also; but no, of course it doesn't.  So I have a very obvious line across the knitting that shouldn't be there.  Grrrr. My only consolation is that this wasn't for anybody in particular and the wool was very cheap. So live and learn; learn what I don't know.  But it has solved the mystery of Sackboy's odd coloured head.  It is more obvious in real life than in the photo.
Oh well, what's done is done.  I will finish this beanie and then possibly have another go at one.  It is a great pattern; very easy and very effective.

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  1. Hi Karyn, just catching up after a busy few days/week. The water [before/after shots] is amazing. It is incredible to think that the lake was once dry when you see it full. Having been through the experience of water going where you hadn't thought, well I can understand. Sorry to hear about the sunburn, but I suppose overcast weather is just as bad as full sun [ask me how I know, been there, done that]. Love the knitting. At the moment my monitor isn't showing good colour, so I can't see the difference you are talking about. I am sure it's not too bad. Like you say, live and learn.