Monday, March 21, 2011

More baby sewing

I whizzed out this morning (a 100km round trip) to my closest material store (ok, almost the closest; the closest DECENT store) to buy some material for yet another baby present. My DH's cousin is having her baby christened on Sunday and we only decided to attend yesterday. Hubby mentioned that something home made would be nice.  I actually thought I was making the christening gown but after the deafening silence, I realised that plans had changed.  It turns out the godmother wants to buy a dress, not have it home made (arghh, can you imagine something home made; how terrible!!)
So anyway, off I trotted to get some material. I had an idea of making a romper of some sort, which then turned into a sleeveless romper/overalls.  it will look somewhat like this:
which is from Australian Smocking and Embroidery issue 86.  But true to form (my form anyway) it will have different smocking and as it is lined, I am going to extend the legs just a smidge and make cuffs on the bottom.  Cute!!
So, here is the material I bought:

How cute is the monkey material?????  CUTE!!!! I saw it a few weeks ago shopping with a friend but didn't buy any. It is a fine corduroy so perfect for the upcoming winter.  I dithered for ages this morning trying to decide what to make and so came home with both lots.  For baby Ayden this weekend I am making the blue starry corduroy into the overalls with a red lining and a smocked blue insert across the front. Probably not the anchors; they are cute but as i am time poor i might do some geometric smocking.
i am dying to have some spare time to get stuck into the green monkeys; what I have decided to do, for no real reason, is to make some overalls out of the green, line it with the yellow, do a smocked panel of the yellow and picture smock the monkeys across the front.  I would love to do it for this weekend but working out the graph will take time that I do not have so it will have to wait. 

Over the weekend I was busy smocking a nightie for one for one of the many babies that are coming.  I was so happy with it, all of it, until right at the end where the neck binding refused to go on right. This has been pulled out once already and is waiting to be done again.  Such a shame as the rest of the nightie is perfect. Not happy!!

I think it can go away and wait for a rainy day for me to unpick the neck and try it again. 

I am happy with the bear; she turned out so cute. It is actually a nightie I have made for so many baby presents.  I often do this bear; usually pink or blue to match the sex of the baby. I have never had the problem with the neck that I had yesterday.  Oh well, another one to go in the pile of UFOs.  I like to think that if I didnt need the romper so quickly I would spend the time trying to fix this one but who am I kidding; I am annoyed with it so away it will go!!!


  1. Karyn, what fun fabrics. What a lucky baby too. Imagine not wanting home made special christening gown. Oh well it is no use if it is not appreciated.

    Love the bear on the little gown too. You really are so good at these little nighties. You will sort out the neck I am sure.

  2. Hi Karyn, so glad to see your post just now. I've been away from blogging for a few days. Love the fabrics, and I think the monkey fabric is perfect for little ones. All of your ideas are great. Sorry the neck binding is giving you grief. I know the feeling of not being up to fixing it though. Hang in there, the day will come and you'll have it re-done in no time flat.

  3. Dianne, I dont mind not being wanted to make the outfit anymore, I do mind however not being told anything and being left in the dark.

    Linda, I have unpicked this neck partly once already, and I guess I will have to do it again. Part of my unwillingness to fix it is the idea I have that the neck is too big anyway. That is something I cannot fix.
    What a shame. I need to put it away so the temptation to throw it in the bin goes away!!!

  4. Hi Karyn - I know the feeling when you just can't get something right - but you will, after a good sleep & refreshed it will all come together. It is stunning as is all your work I've seen so far. :) Karen

  5. Thanks Karen, you are very sweet! These nighties have always put themselves together almost so hopefully this one will with a bit of unpicking.

  6. I've never done that cute bear in yellow before! Great idea. Beautiful work.

  7. Hi Karyn,I just popped into see Lindas' blog and found you!! Have been looking at your lovely smocking work and am reminded how talented you are..some beautiful work.I hope you and your family are well?

  8. Hi Martha, thanks for that. I do love the bear; it is so cute for baby wear.

  9. Anney, HI!!! Thanks, you are so sweet. Family is good; growing up too fast. My eldest is taller than me; not a little boy any more. Email me if you like: