Thursday, May 19, 2011

autumn colours

It has been a busy week since my last post.  Work on the christening gown has slowed down lately, although the embroidered panel is just about done and one of the skirt pieces is smocked and ready to be attached. Hopefully there will be photos to come soon.
We have had bad news from some friends and then good news to balance it out with the birth of a baby girl; babies are always good news.  (that reminds me: i really need to get her present sent off).
I have also been running around to doctors etc the last few weeks trying to find out why my twelve year old is getting migraines.  Headaches are not unknown to my kids but not headaches that run for three days, making him nauseous and dizzy. In the past three weeks he has had more days with a headache than without; a scary thought.  So finally yesterday we may have found the answer; which is bad posture (possibly) and a heavy netbook that he carries every day. So one physiotherapy session down, many more to come.  Hopefully that fixes the problem. We have had blood tests done, his eyes checked etc etc etc.  I am very relieved to finally be getting to the bottom of it.
I have also been sewing for the school production the last few days; nothing much but as it is begining next week; it needs to be done in a hurry.  They are doing Little Shop of Horrors. I can't wait to see it; I watched the dress rehearsal yesterday; it was a bit rough around the edges but it will come together.
So in the absence of sewing photos, I leave you with some autumn colour in my garden. We have mostly natives so we dont get too much in the way of autumn leaves, but this is the best tree we have for it; our oak tree.  it is a decent size but not half as big as it is likely to get.
Some roses:

And a pretty little daisy that makes a great ground cover; this flowers for such a long time, I love it.
I hope that you have some pretty colours around you wherever you are.


  1. Lovely garden photos Karyn! Love Laurel

  2. Karyn, sorry I am so far behind with reading blogs. I love these pictures.

  3. I love your photos for this post Karyn. The flowers are so pretty, and I love that daisy too, it grows well up here and tolerates our heat in summer. I do hope the production goes well for the school children. I remember how much work it is from my own childrens' experiences. And, I do hope you sort out those health issues, twelve is too young to be plagued by persistent headaches.