Friday, May 27, 2011

Waiting for mail....

I am not a patient person I have decided in my middle age. Was i ever; who knows!!  What i do know is that I hate waiting for things.  I hate waiting in line, I hate waiting for news and i hate waiting for things to come in the mail!
Monday i bought the pattern for this...
It is a perfect sewing bag, nice and big and has pockets all around the lining.  it can be found here at Joypatch. This is the one she made and can be seen on her site.   There are patterns for other things as well, such as a needle wallet, scissor fob and pincushion.  I am not needing those so much but really really like the look of this.
So, I guess i will have to wait until Monday now.  Poor me!!!LOL!!!

Today has been spent doing nothing much, i do have two slices in the oven so I will have at least that to show for my go-slow day!!
After lunch, if the sun comes out, I might bring out my christening gown and do the last two rows of smocking, then I can begin the construction. I know some people don't like the construction part of the process, and will leave smocking lying around for ages just to avoid it. Personally, i can't wait to get to this part of the process; it is only when it is done that you really get to see how your piece looks.  I get a bit excited as i sew it all together.  This gown is constructed a little differently to ones i have done in the past so I will have to go a bit slower and make sure I have done each step properly before moving onto the next one.  A regular square yoke dress i can whip up with no problems and no need for instructions.  So i will need to use some of my patience and do it slowly and carefully.  Hopefully next week there will be something to show of it.


  1. The bag looks great, Karyn. Hope the sun comes out and you have fun smocking. Laurel

  2. That looks a very lovely bag Karyn, and I hope you don't have too long to wait for the pattern to arrive. I get impatient waiting on mail too, and know the feeling as some books have yet to arrive.....drat. Good luck with the christening gown, can't wait to see it. Hope the weekend goes well, and the weather is not too nasty. Take care.

  3. hi Karyn, how freaky - I ordered some wool from Bendigo and thought it may be in the post today (went to the post office 3 times to check) so I too have to wait & see if it gets here on Monday. Hope your pattern arrives soon. Karen