Tuesday, May 31, 2011

walk down memory lane

It has been a difficult few days in our house. Things have not gone well and someone who I thought was a friend has proven beyond all doubt that she really isn't. So life is a little tough currently.  I am clinging to the proverb that This Too Shall Pass.  And so far, some of it has.
Meanwhile, on Sunday i was putting something away and came across a box i have full of letters etc from the kids; their Santa letter, easter bunny letters, birthday cards, that sort of thing.  I knew i had it but had forgotten where I put it. I did have a fun time last night going through the box, so I thought I would share it with you and hopefully it may put a smile on your face, or jog your memory about your own kids. so, here goes... (i will not make you sit through it all, I promise!!!!)
Pretty self explanatory from my youngest who had just turned eight. I think he was eating an apple on the trampoline at the time of the losing!!
This was from my eldest son when he was nine; it was for no reason; he just felt the need to make it (awww sweet!!!!)
This is still no.1 son, when he was eight.  Also for no reason.

This one may take some explaning:
It was my first mother's day card; my DH saw it and thought it was funny so that is what i got.  I have to admit; we do love the Far Side cartoons in our house. It was funny, so into the box it went!

This one is a mystery to me. To mum, from Joshua is about all I get from it. We did have fun last night trying to decipher it but to no avail. I do know that Joshua was four, possibly nearly five, when he did it. 
I don't think I could read it at the time he did it so I have no hope now!!! 

I have many of these sorts of things in my box. I hope you have a box too. It is fun to look back at the sweet little things they once were.  Now one is a teenager who is taller than me and the other is a little peewee who looks like never growing!  I am sure he will but as he hasn't found his hormones yet, he is a little thing (and still a sweetie!!!!) I love them both dearly, they are great kids who i am very proud of.


  1. Hi Karyn, I do hope things are looking brighter for you. These times can be really tough but I know you will come through it.

    What treasures you have been finding although some of them do not show up well on my screen.

    I have a few of those indecipherable cards too and my kids are a lot older than yours! They always bring a smile.

  2. So glad you kept these, Karyn. They are messages across time.

  3. Lovely notes from your boys Karyn. Yes, this too shall pass. Love and hugs Laurel

  4. Hope some of these latest issues will be a distant memory soon Karyn. After all the lovely little messages you have to keep, worrying about 'others' is totally unnecessary. It's obvious your home is full of love and fun, and we all know what a wonderful mother and community minded person you are. Love from me [a little bother here with computer time, sorry]. Sadly, after many moves, I don't have any 'treasures'. My smallest baby [6lb 6ozs] is now a whopping big strong man, yet he was a picky eater as a toddler..........life sorts some things out, some more than you think.

  5. Hi Karyn! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment:)
    I too have a box of similar treasures. And now I have a new collection on a go, from my grandchildren, mainly the older one, 6 year old, loves making cards to who ever for what ever reason, LOL! And grandma keeps them all, of course!
    As for your other problem , life is too short...