Monday, May 9, 2011

Silly mistakes

I seem to have been playing around with lots of little things the last couple of months and itched to do something else.  So when I came across a wonderful christening gown in Sew Beautiful, I knew i just had to make it (or a variation of it anyway).  I rummaged through my material and found a lovely white cotton with tiny white dots on it so off i went.  The one in the picture did not have smocking on the skirt so I decided that would be my first thing to do. Off I went and had the first skirt piece smocked in a flash. Imagine my horror when a friend pointed out that the material was back to front; I had smocked the back.  No, I had checked the selvedge and it should be right. She was absolutely right however. It is hard to see unless you are in the right light. So I have had to pleat some more material, what I will do with the already smocked  panel is as yet a mystery!
The smocking is still waititng to be done but as it has embroidery down the front, that was my weekend's mission. In Sew Beautiful it has lovely embroidery that seems to be machine done. As i do not have the machine, or the inclination to do it by machine, I am hand sewing some little motifs. 
I am not sure how clear this is, I might have to redo it when i finish typing, I will see.  So, it will have a series of these little things down the front.  These come from Country Bumpkins Christening Gown book. Wont stand out as much as the embroidery on the original but I think it will be just enough with the smocking as well.
I have three more to go but may add two more right at the bottom, I will see how it looks when it is done.

By the way, the original gown looks somewhat like this:
Who will I make this for; no-one in particular. I just saw it and had to make it.  My next step will be to try and get some lovely lace without spending the kids' college funds!

And a belated Happy Mother's Day to everyone. We were at my mother-in-law's for the weekend. I had a nice day and i hope you all did too.


  1. This gown is going to look beautiful Karyn. The motifs are so sweet. Laurel

  2. Lovely to see you working on a project that you really enjoy Karyn. The embroidered motifs look lovely, and I'm sure how you put together your version of this beautiful gown will be equally as lovely. I am sure most designers feel proud that some of your features are 'changed'. I had some of that spot cotton too, lemon with white spot, and your are quite right, very hard to tell which side is which. Good luck with the gown. Sorry I've been absent from Blogger, just catching up a little this morning.