Sunday, May 29, 2011

Half done...

I spent yesterday working on the christening gown, so it is now a lot further along than it was yesterday morning.  Smocking is all done, and blocked and has now been attached to the bodice.

As i have said, this is constructed quite differently than my usual way so there was a lot of reading and rechecking of directions. They were not hard, just not my usual way.  So now i need to embroider two more motifs on the front panel, do a little embroidery on each sleeve and then off I go again.  I still need to find some nice lace to go with what I already have. I have been having trouble sourcing some nice cotton lace so if anyone out there has any suppliers that they like to use, feel free to let me know. (Pleeeeease).

Other than that the school musical seems to be going well, none of the costumes have fallen apart (phew!!!)  This is his photo on the cast and crew wall at the front of the hall,
And this is the set he helped to build and paint.

He is extraordinarily proud of his work, and why shouldn't he be? We did try to burst his bubble just a little when we went to watch the show last night (we can't let his head swell too much, can we??). I am proud of the work he has put into this, and proud of what the group, as a whole, have managed to achieve. Good work kids!!!  (by the way; he painted the drainpipe that is behind his shoulder and is very pleased that all the cast and crew were photographed in front of it!!)


  1. Hi Karyn - you do such lovely work. Glad the production is going well. Try "Lace & Beyond" - it's in NSW and it's an online lace (Plus silk ribbons, threads etc) supplier. Prompt delivery & some very nice lace - I've bought silk ribbons, lace & Lace motifs on 2 occasions. Cheers Karen

  2. Thanks Karen!! i did try lace and beyond already but they dont seem to have the fine cotton lace that I am after. I will have to keep looking I guess.
    I hope your mail comes today; and mine too!!

  3. The frock is coming along well Karyn, and I'm sure once you have mastered the assembly, you'll be well pleased. Can't wait.

    Congratulations to the school children for the work they always put into their productions. Great photos, great work on the sets [his Dad's influence showing there perhaps??], and hope each night's performance is a success.

    I'll go through my lace bag and check if I have something that might interest you. Talk soon.

  4. Karyn, the little frock looks lovely - I hope you find your lace.

    The production seems to be a great way for kids to test themselves in different ways. the building of the sets often goes unnoticed - I am sure you have reason to be proud of your boy.