Friday, June 24, 2011

a busy week

Wow, it feels like ages since i have been on here.  (And I see that it has been!)
I do have an excuse though; well several I guess. In the last two weeks I have bought a new car, gotten a new job and had a birthday (one of the big ones that end in 0 but don't tell anyone okay?)

So first things first; we have a new car ordered for me which I am soooo excited about.  DH usually gets the new cars and then i get it when it has a few years and lots of kms on it and he gets the next new car. But my car is having a few problems so when the man of the house suggested we get a new one, I was not going to say no.  So hopefully next week it will be sitting in my driveway.

As for the new job, I have been quietly looking for work but so far no luck. While I was in the wool shop two weeks ago buying the wool for my frilly scarf, I boldly asked the lady who owned the shop if she had work, and she said yes!  Easy as that.  So i worked one day last week on the day that she is shut, found out we liked each other so now I am working three days a week.  It all happened so fast.  So i have had two days in the shop this week, and am having so much fun.
I knitted another scarf last week but this is for the wool shop display, so it now hangs proudly with two others.  Doesn't the white look so smart?

And yes, iIhad a birthday on Monday. I didn't want a party but have been doing things with friends; I went out for dinner on Weds night with my craft group, that was lovely (except for the migraine I had by the time i went home; I was so sick that night; sorry to everyone who came out to dinner for me; not sure how much good company I was).
Today I am having lunch with my friends here in town.  I am looking forward to that too.

As just quickly; as for any sewing; that has not been too much of that happening, but I did get some lace that I have been waiting for so I can finish my christening gown. That came yesterday. I also have been playing with ideas of what to do with my little stitcheries that i started a little while ago. A friend has lent me a pattern with four more little designs, the perfect size, so I might now do those and add them to the five I have and make a nine square quilt.  So while the hands have been a little idle, the mind has been going overtime.  Hopefully I can show you something completed very soon.


  1. Hi Karyn - congratulations on the job & the car. Hope you got spolit for your birthday too. Love the scarf - it looks stunning in white. Cheers Karen

  2. Love the scarf Karyn. I am thinking about knitting something like a shawl/wrap type thing is something rather fancy. Glad to hear you week has been great (except for the migraine). Welcome to the world of working women LOL! Laurel

  3. This is another lovely scarf Karyn, I just LOVE that yarn!! I thought the birthday was a 'significant' one [remember ??], but didn't like to ask....te, he, te, he.. Sorry about the headache, and I'm sure all your friends will understand. Can't wait to see the new car. I am so excited for you to have this job. It's something I know you'll enjoy. Take care [will email later today].

  4. congrats with the new job and i love your white scarf,well done