Tuesday, June 28, 2011

birthday flowers

Well I had a lovely week last week celebrating my birthday. After the dinner on Weds ending with a migraine, my lunch on Friday was so much fun.  We were the last people left in our local restaurant, as they waited for us to leave so they could set up for a private function that night. 
And while i did not take a photo of all my birthday goodies, I will show you these, given to me by a friend; arent; they gorgeous?

In the meantime I have done more work on the christening gown, and hope to have it done soon.  I didn't buy enough edging lace for the bottom so off I will go for more. I can't wait to see it finished.  I think it should be really pretty.  (sounds immodest saying that doesn't it?)

Last night was spent working on binding a quilt for the shop where I now work. I go back to work on Thursday so should have it done by then.  If you are lucky i will snap a quick picture before I take it back.


  1. Hi Karyn, the flowers are just gorgeous. That colour!! I am happy that last week brings nice memories. What a great way to get your binding fix, working shop samples, goody for you. I hope you have fun. I love doing bindings, when they're done, the quilt's done!! I hope the new job is all you are hoping for. What a pain about the lace. Unfortunately, it often means buying a tad more, because you won't want to have a join in the jolly stuff!! Can't wait to see that one.

  2. Trust me: I am not upset at all at the prospect of buying more lace; more is always good!!LOL!!! I am sure i will find a use for what I have. (And no, I do not want a join so will work out how much I do really need and not how much I ASSUMED i would need!!!)

  3. Hi Karyn,

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and spoilt rotten :) and I also hope you had time for a nice cup of tea for some me time.



  4. Happy Birthday, Karyn! I really hope you had a beautiful birthday! Those birthday flowers from your friend are so gorgeous! Best wishes!

  5. Thanks Pam and kim23 for the birthday wishes. Turning 40 was fun and I had good times with good friends; what more could i ask for?