Saturday, June 4, 2011

Here it comes again!!

Well, after waiting a week and a half, I now have both of my bag patterns here; they came a day apart. Very odd. So off one goes back to where it came from.  So, while i wait for an opportunity to go and get two or three more fabrics for it, i have been busy going through my stash to see what i have and what i might need. I am also busy planning how i can incorporate some embroidery into it. I have decided to do some white strips with soem embroidery running down them.   I really have enough on the go at present but couldn't resist  this. It is a great bag and if i wasn't doing anything extra it could be whipped up in an afternoon. 
So this is what i have so far...
I love the green and pink combination and haven't really used it on anything much before so I think this will be pretty.
Before i go I will share some sunset photos i took a couple of days ago.  I love sunset photography and I am often out and about in the evenings but never with my camera.  So a couple of days ago I took the boys out to show them something in the local area that I had found and then was lucky enough to beout at the exact right time to snap these:

I truly love living where we do. I wouldn't move for all the tea in China!


  1. Great fabric choices Karyn, love them. I think the bag is going to be great, the embroidery seems a good idea too.

    The photography is just beautiful too. I'm a sunset/sunrise person too, but as I'm hardly ever anywhere else but here at those times of the day, well, mine tend to get a little 'samey'. Yours are lovely, and yes, why would be live anywhere but HERE.

  2. Nice sunset shots Karyn - I like capturing them too - must be living in the country that does it - we didn't get nice sunsets living in the city. Great fabric choices - can't wait to see the bag finished & the embroidery idea sounds great too! Cheers Karen