Friday, June 3, 2011

It came; at last!!

Finally, after a week and a half, my bag pattern finally came.  i did have to email and enquire about it, after which Joy very nicely sent me another one. Thanks Joy.  Unfortunately, no photos of it as son no.1 has taken my camera to school. Hopefully next week there will be photos of a finished bag for you to see.  Now i need to find some more material and get a zip and off i go. i have some pretty pink and green materials that I can use but I need some more. Hopefully it will be pretty. (Pretty is always my goal!!). Maybe when I am running my son around on Saturday and Sunday to various events i can find what i want.

Well, I am not sure where the sun went but we have had three or four of the most beautiful Autumn days; a little late but better late than never. it looks very cold outside again today. Brrrrr.
Just a short note to say thanks for everyone's messages of support.  It was a tough start to the week but life does go on and things are looking more settled and I have found my smile again.I am looking forward to a better week next week. 


  1. Pleased to hear the pattern has arrived Karyn, and I do hope you find fabrics to get you started. Sorry the weather has turned nasty, beautiful day up here at the moment. Not long home from town, busy morning, ready to read the two magazines I bought, YARN and EMBELLISH. Really only bought them for the advertisements. Keep smiling, tomorrow is another day. Didn't John Denver have a song, Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Stones?? Bet you get his drift. Chin up.

  2. Would you believe that the other pattern turned up today? It is either a famine or a feast i think!!
    You know Linda, i guess all we can ask for is more diamond days than stone. I certainly get your drift though!!