Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend knitting

We have done nothing much over our long weekend for the Queen's Birthday. I spent last Friday and Saturday knitting this scarf which I am very happy with. It is out of some wool made by Rico, called Can Can. it starts off looking like a wide wool, and then stretches out into a type of mesh. Very clever.

And so easy. Seven stitches, just rows and rows of knit and then you end up with this.
I might have to keep my eye out for a different colour. This was the last ball the wool shop had; evidently it is very popular and flies out the door when they get it in.  I do like these colours but would love one in shades of pink as well.  It is very soft, and I am told, very warm to wear.  I have just enough left on the ball to make another one, so I might have to make that one up and then give it away as a gift i think. (I dont need two of the same colour).
Lincraft has a range of similar wool in their shops but trust me; you want to spend the extra money and get this wool; it is softer and much nicer.


  1. That scarf looks great Karyn! Makes me want to knit one too. Laurel

  2. Laurel, you would knit this up a lot quicker than I did!!!

  3. Wow Karyn, its really cool, might have to find some of that wool myself
    Kind regards


  4. Oh Pam, it is just lovely, and so soft. I saw the range of colours they have yesterday and it is simply beautiful stuff. Go to a wool shop though (not lincraft!!)

  5. Hello Karyn, forgive the absence [life!!]. That scarf is fantastic. I've never actually seen yarn like that, so really am so pleased you put it on here for us to see. I love the colours, but can see that the same in pink would be a good addition to the wardrobe too...........LOL... It goes a long way doesn't it. I need to know where to get that, will talk more about it soon.