Thursday, July 14, 2011

finally, some smocking

here's a quick peek at what i have been doing this week. I cut it out on Thursday and am happy to have it done in under a week.  This is made with material from the shop and is now hanging in the window looking very pretty.  I think I will take some time on the weekend to make a petticoat for it to keep the skirt fluffed out nicely.
I m very happy with it. At least all the pieces are the right way up; I pleated the bottom of the skirt panel instead of the top and had to redo it. Luckily I realised before i smocked it and not after!LOL!!!

Now my plan is to do some more on the embroidered quilt before I start the First communion dress.  The dress has been chosen, now to get the material and start it.


  1. Karyn, that is lovely. Fancy having time to do that as well as working.

    Will you be giving smocking classes in the shop.

    I just picked up an Amanda Jane Pleater in an op shop. Yep I did!!!!! Will I ever use it?

  2. I think this dress is adorable Karyn. You've smocked and assembled it beautifully of course. What a lovely piece of fabric. And, yes, isn't it a pain when you know a fabric has a one way pattern!! I am sure the shop will benefit from your presence. I hope you soon find some sort of routine with all the things going on at present. It must be fun though to have this job. I am so pleased for you.