Saturday, July 2, 2011

new purchases

I thought I would take advantage of Lincraft's 30% off sale this morning; as I had some vouchers from my birthday to spend. 
I would dearly have liked to buy a daylight floor lamp but they were a bit out of my price range today.  Luckily I had a list of other things I would like so this is what I bought:
Just bits and pieces but some I needed (the washout pens) and some I wanted (the rulers).I do have two quilting rulers but these are different sizes to what i have. I will point out though, and i am not sure if anyone else has come across these before (I hadn't) - the little square ruler has a diamond coated edge to help keep the rotary cutter sharp.  I had never seen these before and have no idea of how well they work so i only bought one from this range. They are more expensive, but hopefully it does what it claims.  I will let you know how it goes.

My other purchase yesterday was some wool from my new job.  I already had the variegated wool; I bought that a couple of months ago from there. but she only has a few balls left and has discounted them, so what a good excuse to buy some more, in a matching colour.  What will I do with it; who knows!  But at least now that I have it, I have options that open up before me LOL!!!
Isn't it pretty?  And it is so soft. 
I will have to be careful though; i have something that keeps getting inflammed in my hand and knitting is one of the worst things I can do to upset it. I will have to take it easy. So it will wait for a little while before i do anything with it.

My christening gown is coming along nicely; not much to do now.  I have ordered more lace from the States.  I should get on and finish it; especially as a good friend asked yesterday if I would make her daughter's first communion dress.  i am very happy to sew for her; i love sewing for her children.  Looks like the school holidays will be spent sorting out patterns and material.  But it would be nice to get this dress finished before I begin another project.

By the way, i have been binding two quilts for the shop; one is finished, that got done tonight. The other one will take a little longer; hopefully i can have it done during the week. A little bit done here and there should make it go quite fast.


  1. Hi again Karyn, went off before without commenting here.........mind on other things today. I love that wool, it does look so soft, and the colour is gorgeous. I brought the photograph up as big as I could, so I got a really good look at it. Love the other bits you managed to pick up too. I have both those sizes in rulers, but alas, none with the diamond edge, just plastic!! I've been using my 60° one with this hexagon experiment, works well. Good luck with the bindings, hope you are having fun with them.

  2. Hope you had a great birthday and looks like you enjoyed the shopping. Soft wool is very nice to work with and makes me wonder now why I would ever have bought acrylic. Sorry I didn't explain the 'frog' better - hope you find one....