Wednesday, July 27, 2011

not quite colourfast

While i waited for the plumber yesterday (who still hasn't seen fit to show up; day six without our central heating and counting...), I was in no fit mood to do much and in the end sat down to play with some embroidery.
My 12 yo son is still finding the days at high school to be quite long and the days I work i drive them home instead of them taking the bus. During the half hour drive he usually puts down the armrest in the middle of the back seat and tries to nap.  So I made a little cushion to make it a little softer for his head.

And while he is too old for Pooh Bear, I certainly am not; so Pooh Bear I did (it is going in my car so is cute and girly!).  I think he turned out so very cute, but take a look at the thread; so much for colourfast!!

  this bleeding happened when I washed it in cold water to remove the blue marker pen.  Oooops!  I have given it another rinse, to no avail, so it will stay as is.  Now i will have to wash my skein to get out the excess dye. it is such a prtty thread; i have been buying Threadworks threads over the last few months; I only have a few, but I love the way they change colours so much more often than DMC or Anchor. 
I managed to cut out way too many pieces for the prairie points, so I am thinking of another little cushion. And yes, Pooh bear may make another appearance.


  1. What a cute cushion, such a shame about the colour run, damn!! I have a few ThreadWorx skeins too, but have to admit nothing that I've used and washed. Oh dear, I wonder how many of their overdyes will run. I love prairie points, they make a great edge for cushions/pillows. Hope that heating is fixed soon.

  2. Great looking cushion and love the prarie points (which I've never tried myself). Never tried the thread either - disappointing when it runs..... annoying waiting for tradepeople too...hope the wait isn't much longer...

  3. Karyn, the cushion is so cute. The running thread is really disappointing.

    If you want to improve the look, or disguise it, have you thought of using water colour pencil to blur the lines a bit more? They are great to use and can give a nice soft effect. Just a thought.