Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Knitting, and op shopping

It feels like ages since I have been here.  Time really has been slipping away lately.
Today is a good day for blogging as I am stuck at home waiting for a repair man to come and fix our heater which stopped working on Friday (can you hear my frustration???). As it is not summer I would appreciate it if he actually did come today as he was a no-show yesterday.

On to other things; besides work, this is what i have been playing with in my spare time.  It took longer than I thought, although in saying that I am not the fastest knitter on the planet, and I have done it in spurts, not every day.  But it is done now.  It was really to have a play with some wool that i had and I liked the pattern. So it is not for anything in particular; just to see.  i am happy with the final product. I think it is about a 2year old size.

My other show and tell is this: a wonderful find in an op shop last week. i love seeing what my friends find at charity stores but I never make the time to go and look myself (one friend gave me a free Australian smocking and embroidery magazine last week that an op shop was giving away; free!!!). So last week off I went with a friend to see what we could see. And this is what i came home with (plus a couple of novels; Steven King among others).
The lace at the top left looks a bit shiny so I thought maybe it was polyester but it burns like cotton so am not sure.  Whatever it is, it will be well used!!  I was really thrilled with my effort.  For the minute though, it will all go away until I have time to plan for it a bit more.  The buttons on the jumper above are from the op shop as well. 
Brrr, it is too chilly to be sitting here in pyjamas so off i go to see how many layers I can get on. We do have some heating; we have a wood fire. Sadly though, it was wonderful when we had a small house but after almost doubling the size of our house two years ago it really just takes the chill off.  We are pretty much out of wood for it so I really really need this guy to turn up today. I do not hold out hope; we have had too many tradesmen over the years stand us up.  Think warm thoughts for me???  LOL!!


  1. So sorry to hear you are still without central heating, what a bummer!! Hope that is fixed SOON. Great laces and buttons you found, goody for you. I absolutely LOVE that little cardi, and I'm going to be onto you for that pattern source. I'm thinking little things at the mo, as you know, and have never seen anything so simple, yet so sweet, absolutely adorable. This is why I like the sharing that we all have happening. We all learn from one another. Great stuff Karyn.

  2. Linda, i am keen to make it again and maybe add a cable running around the bottom... or maybe I will finish one or two of the things already begun...

  3. Hope your heating is fixed (or you get some firewood) - not nice to be cold inside this weather. Love your little top and the lace finds..just wondering what your other WIP's or PHD's might be...lol

  4. Hi Karyn, didn't realise you had a blog page. I love the knitted top too and also like the look of your op shop buys. You'll have fun deciding how to use them.

    Hope your heating problem has been sorted now. When I was in Australia this time last year, I was ccccc......old too.

    Best wishes Anne

  5. Karyn, I love the cardi too. It is just so gorgeous. Sending warm thoughts your way. Laurel

  6. Karyn, I seem to have missed so many blogs lately. Not sure where my mind is.

    I love the cardi and your op shop buys. As you know I have managed to buy lots of treasures from op shops.