Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dr Suess quilt

It isn't a great photo; red is not a good colour for getting proper photos but you will get the idea.
The binding wasn't done yet but besides that it is done.
I am happy to report that while none of the remedies worked, the blue pen is finally washing out and losing it's blackness. So it is not half as obvious and I am much happier.  And while my children were very bemused when I brought the material home, it hasn't stopped my 14 yo from snuggling under it at night to watch the tv. So much for "my" quilt LOL!!!

So now I am frantically working on christmas things; two table runners which are getting there, not much to do now; two quilts; one for work and one for a present (time is ticking Karyn!!!!)  and also a couple of cushions out of more Dr Seuss fabric for a friend to give to her nephews.  They wont take long but I better not leave them until the last minute.  Is that it i wonder?? I really really need to make a list; I am useless without one.


  1. Hi Karyn - the quilt looks lovely and I'm glad the marks are coming out (albeit slowly). Lists are the way to go (and don't let anyone laugh about them either) but I'm sure you will get everything you want to done. Cheers Karen

  2. I think it looks really great Karyn. The dark/royal blue border really draws you into the body of the quilt. Pleased those nasty marks are disappearing. Good luck with all you've got planned, very busy time for all of us. Thanks for showing us this very bright and cheery quilt.

  3. Terrific effect. It's a great quilt. I'm on to a Christmas list too, but yours makes me panicky!