Tuesday, April 5, 2011

cross stitch and other stuff

No photos today, sadly I have nothing to show you!  I was hoping to have our deck finished by now but while last week we had beautiful weather when they forecasted rain, yesterday was going to be the day to get it finished and it rained all day.  Not fair I say LOL!!  Today looks like being a stunning day so hopefully this afternoon more of it will be done and then by tomorrow; we will be enjoying our new outdoor area.  it is too nice here in Australia to spend warm days inside.
As for sewing, sadly to go along with my chesty cough I now have two ear infections; viral so there is no treatment.  I am dizzy so I haven't been doing much. I spent the weekend puddling along on my bears cross-stitch. I can see a difference and I now have high hopes that this is the year it will be finished (it is only ten years old so there is no hurry really!). Karen on Ozstitcher had a great idea to mount cross-stitches like a quilt, so I am thinking of doing something like that.  The possibilities are endless, and the framer I have used in the past has closed down so this may be the answer. (thanks for the idea Karen!!!!) 
My blue tablecloth is also pretty much finished but I have been sitting contemplating the options about doing a little row of flowers down either end, and maybe sewing some leaves weaving through the circle of flowers. Poor hubby can't work out why i dont just leave it as it; it is certainly presentable enough.  Why give yourself more work? What he is losing sight of is his bank balance; while I am playing with this I am not buying more stuff!!LOL!!! So this is what it looks like today... (excuse the colour; the sun is out and i couldn't get a good photo)
So i just need to finish the few centres that aren't yet done and then continue on with it, or not.  I probably will: I have enough thread now to do more.
And look; a photo after all!  So I will add to it and show you the deck in it's sad state:
Hopefully by tomorrow night it will look much better; keep your fingers crossed.
Enjoy the sun if it is out wherever you are. Today is going to be a lovely Autumn day.


  1. Thanks for the credit Karyn :) I hope the ear infections improve too. The joys of decking - but it will be great when it's done :)

  2. Karen, credit where credit is due!! And is really was a great idea I thought.

  3. Sorry to hear you are unwell Karyn, and sorry I hadn't seen this earlier, but for some reason Blogger wasn't keeping me informed!!!! I suppose by now the deck is almost done, and the snags are on the BBQ - hmmm, I can almost smell them!!! I like the embroidery on the blue check, and I'm sure you'll fiddle a little more until you are satisfied with it. Take care.