Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally; some sewing

Yes, thankfully my ears have begun to slowly improve so I have been able to pick up a needle again without too many problems.
So, instead of working on a UFO (or WIP as the case may be!!), I decided to have a play with some little stitcheries i bought from Jenny of Elefantz.  These work into a four inch square block. I have not decided exactly what to do with them; a needlecase, or two, was one idea but that is the easy answer, and how many do we really need?  I may piece them together and do somethng else, a table runner, maybe a cover for my sewing machine.  These are only little so it wont want to be anything too big or they will get lost in the size.
This is the first one finished; cute huh?
The rest are here, although I took this photo yesterday and one of these is now almost finished.
So any ideas of what to do with these would be GREAT!!!!  They are so cute.

The other stitching I did last night, until the light got too bad, was to work on the blue tablecloth.  After trying to decide about what to add to it, if anything, I did decide to do some leaves, which I think will set it off beautifully.  It finishes it off. I have only done a couple so here is a sneak peek.
I will need to get more green thread when i am next out but I am very happy with it so far.  A new blue washout pen wouldn't go astray either; I have three which are all in various degrees of decline!
This is my only other embroidered tablecloth which gets brought out for visitors (it is not for everyday use with my kids!LOL!!!!). I like this one, it is pretty; smaller than the blue one. This was a kit. I thoroughly enjoyed making it. Although I was happier with my satin stitch more toward the end than at the start; seems to take me a bit to get into the rythm of it.  My goal is to have a houseful of lovely linen, like my grandmother had.


  1. Gorgeous work Karyn, the blue cloth is especially pretty.

    The little squares might make nice (decorative) potholders. Not ones you would use of course.

  2. I can see those little stitcheries as either a table runner, table centre or a craft bag. Whatever you do, they will look great. Love your other 2 cloths too. :)

  3. Hi Karyn, so pleased you feel more inclined to stitch now, and hopefully the virus will have cleared up by now. I love the little stitcheries, and to me they make a great centre piece for log cabin blocks, and then made into something a little larger perhaps ???? I love your embroidered checked cloth, it's going to be lovely. The last cloth looks gorgeous too, and I don't blame you for not using it all the time. I have one very special one done by my now deceased aunt, and I treasure it every time I use it. I would also love to have an 'exceptional' stash of embroidered linen, but time is going to beat me I'm afraid......