Friday, April 29, 2011

New Books

After five days of no mail, my new books finally turned up.  I bought them at the Book Depository; I do like this website. 
I will be honest; of the two books i bought, one I am really happy with, the other; not so much.  That is the chance you take when you buy things online, and I am generally happy to take that chance.
I will start with the book I didn't like.

I am very happy to follow other people's patterns and do what they tell me to do, unless I am smocking and then I usually just do my own design these days.  But i have been looking at this book online for a while now and thought it would get me out of my rut and make me more original. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad book but from the cover, and the title, i was expecting something that would encourage the design process, talk about the art of doodling and the process of designing from a doodle.  Instead this is barely mentioned.  Instead, it concentrates on following her designs.  I am not sure of the sense in this. It isn't going to encourage me to design my own. i thought it would be more about the process of forming a design.
There is nothing wrong with the designs as such, it just wasnt what i was looking for.

The other book is this one, which I do like very much;
It is separated into three sections: Breaking out of the box- trying new patterns and techniques; Feeling scrappy- using all your scraps; and Embracing tradition (speaks for itself really!!).  This has 15 projects in it which are all different. I like most of them and have already bookmarked a couple that I would like to make.  (After i finish some UFOs first!!).  I only bought this book on a whim and am glad I did.

Now I am off to finish some UFOs so I can start on one of these!!LOL!!


  1. Great book selection - I like both books. Ah the dreaded UFO's - I really only have 1 that I just can't get back into, the others being a WIP. Are you sure yours aren't WIP's lol???

  2. UFOs/WIPs; I have both lol!!! I wonder how long a WIP has to sit before it becomes a UFO? Hopefully I will have less of both by the end of the year. Do you have Doodle stitching?

  3. Thanks for the book reviews Karyn. It's always nice to hear what others think of their book purchases. Sorry to hear one isn't up to par. I like the look of the patchwork one, and I especially love the quilt that is in the last photograph, it's bright and cheery. I love scrap quilts. Hope you have many happy and creative hours from this.

  4. How funny Karyn i got the doodle book from book depository also and i wasnt happy with it either as you say that is the chance you take when buying on the internet.