Friday, April 8, 2011

So tired of resting!!!!!

Yes, I have been ordered by my doctor to rest so my inner ear infections heal.  I told her I had rested for one day and was tired of it!  She laughed and told me to continue.  Sadly, sewing is proving to be difficult as along with my ears making me dizzy and headachy, it is playing up with my eyes too that just will not focus.  So resting really means just that.
My 12yo son yesterday before he went to school pulled out a pile of DVDs for me to watch through the day; awww how sweet!  Then he turns around and offered to stay home from school so he could change them for me and I wouldn't have to get up; somehow I dont think it was such a noble sacrifice as he made it out to be!!!!  I thanked him for the movies and sent him on his way!! Cheeky monkey!

So, while not much sewing is happening (although I pick up my new reading glasses today, hopefully they will help somewhat), I did manage to bake  a batch of muffins yesterday.  They are called donut muffins and I found the recipe here.  I must say, they turned out more like tea cakes than donuts but they are still yummy. I made 17 yesterday (the recipe says 12 but I got 17 out of it) and I have seven left in the container.  Some have gone to school today, the rest were eaten last night.  Dont they look yummy?
You should have smelt them. yummmmmm.  Not good for the diet, or for the 2.5 kgs I have just lost.  I think I may be able to find them again by the time these are gone!!!!


  1. They look really yummy Karyn!! Muffins are such a quick treat for the family. I am sorry you are still feeling a little under the weather, and hope you'll be stitching up a storm soon. Good luck with the new glasses. Hope the weather is kind enough down there.

  2. Karyn, they do look delicious - not long lasting though. Do take care of yourself and rest. I know it is difficult but you must conserve your energy for coming activities.

  3. Take care...once you are feeling 100% again you'll enjoy getting back into crafting. The muffins did look yummy - bet they're all gone now.