Saturday, May 12, 2012

early Mother's Day

My kids, on the days that i work, walk to work after school and then we drive home together.  Much nicer than taking the school bus.
Yesterday they were taking longer than usual and I was starting to wonder where they were when in they walk holding a beautiful bunch of flowers.  I was so touched. My eldest had paid for them with his own money and had even (I found out later) emailed the florist the day before just to ask about getting some flowers, so he had put some degree of thought into it. 
Isn't he a sweetie? 
So it will be a lovely Mother's Day in my house, and in yours too I hope.


  1. What a lovely surprise Karyn, and so lovely to know there are teenagers out there who are kind and caring towards their mother. The flowers are gorgeous of course, and I'm sure the memory of them will last much longer. Have a lovely day tomorrow, and try to get some well earned rest.

  2. It really was lovely, I nearly cried!!!!

  3. Karyn, you have obviously bought these boys up well.

    Have a great mothers day.

  4. Thanks Dianne! They are good kids, but some days I would happily give them away!!! Not today though :-)

  5. Beautiful! Laurel

  6. Beautiful bunch of flowers especially from teenage boys.It's moments like this we always remember.