Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So here are the socks I have been knitting.

i finished them yesterday morning for hubby's birthday yesterday.
What a shame after all that work that he doesn't actually like them.  Grrrr.  Was only happy when i told him he could wear them around the house and didn't have to wear them out where, God forbid, anyone might see them.
So that is the sad end to the very long sock knitting episode.

To the next things now I guess. i am knitting this sock wool, which is so soft and gorgeous:
...into fingerless gloves for me. I can't wait to have them done.  The wool isn't quite as bright as it is here. it is bright, just not this glarey bright.  They shouldn't take long to do as I only started these last night.
The question with the gloves is this (and I think i know the answer): do i need to start them in the same place, colourwise, or will it be okay if both gloves start the colours in different spots. Any ideas???

I am also going to knit a beanie for the youngest child, i will show you the pattern later, but it is a fish.  Very cool!  The child has seen the pattern, and chosen the wool so I expect this to be better recieved than the socks were.
off to the knitting needles...

P.S. On second thoughts, after having looked at my completed blog post, the rainbow wool really is that bright!!!  Awesome!!!!!


  1. The socks look fantastic. Pity your hubby doesnt like them, maybe you can keep them for one of your sons. The colorful mitts look great!

  2. Sue, i think after 17 years of marriage hubby knows that the secret to a long life is to wear the socks!!!!!!!!
    he has decided that they are warm so that is a good thing.

  3. Love the socks Karyn. Maybe he will grow into them ;) I wouldn't worry about starting the wool in a different spot for your fingerless gloves. I think they will look splendid! Laurel

  4. I like the socks and i am sure that hubby will enjoy them and appreciate them when his toes will be nice and warm.Your fingerless gloves will look like beautiful rainbow.

  5. Love the socks Karyn, and can appreciate the 'reception', never mind. I am sure once they are worn to keep out the cold, opinions will change. I also love the bright yarn you are using for the gloves, and can't wait to see them finished. I think they'll be a hoot, good on you for always being bright and cheery. Happy knitting.

  6. Great knitting and I love those socks!